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Everyday Lunch Platter : Rice, Masor muri ghonto, Chilli pickle and Papad

 A simple lunch platter : rice,  masor muri ghonto, chilli pickle and papad. 

Today I'm going to share a simple yet delicious lunch platter that consists of a famous Bengali style fish head recipe together with chilli pickle and papad served with rice. 

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Today's Lunch Platter Consists Of :

1. Rice :
Cooking simple boiled rice is very easy. You can use pressure cooker to save time.

2. Masor muri ghonto :
Use big fish's head to make this recipe. I'm using big rohu fish's head in this recipe. Clean and wash the fish head properly under running water. Make 2 or 4 parts of the fish head as you like. Rub with salt and turmeric and then fry in mustard oil before adding it to the curry. 

For making this muri ghonto I have used rice flakes and nuts. The fish head dish is very easy to prepare. Get the complete recipe here .

3. Chilli pickle :
I made red chilli pickle last month but forget to share the recipe with you. This pickle recipe is almost similar with green chilli pickle.

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4. Papad :
Papads are served as a meal accompaniment. It's a round shaped thin flatten bread which becomes crispy when fried or roasted. 

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