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Assamese Style Everyday Lunch Platter : Bhat, Lofa xaak aru Mass & Bengana logot Masor Petu Bhoja

Assamese style lunch platter

 A simple Assamese Lunch platter :  Lofa xaak aru Mass,  Bengana logot Masor Petu Bhoja & rice.

Continuing my post on Assamese style everyday lunch platter,  presenting today a simple Assamese style lunch menu specially for busy people or working women who get very less time for cooking. I prepared this menu on a busy working day. After coming back from work, I prepared this in a very less time. 

Today's lunch platter consists of :

1. Boiled rice :
It's very easy to cook rice in a pressure cooker. Just rinse the rice properly and put it in the pressure cooker with the proper amount of water. Close the lid and in medium to high heat cook for 1-2 whistle. Remove from heat and let the cooker open itself. Your boiled rice is ready to serve. 

2. Fish with lofa xaak :
Chinese mellow is called lofa xaak in Assamese. Chinese mellow is a very tasty and very tender leafy vegetable which requires very less time to cook. Here I am using big rohu fish. But you can also  use any other variety of fish. Here l'm using tomato as a souring agent because Assamese style fish curry must be a sour one (masor tenga). 
As I have already shared the detailed recipe of this fish curry before, click here for the complete recipe. 

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3. Masor petu bhoja :
Masor petu bhoja is nothing but fried fish intestines. I am using big rohu fish's intestine here and fried it was brinjal or eggplant. 
Wash fish intestine properly under running water. In musterd oil fry it with chopped onions, green chillies and chopped eggplant. 
Get the complete recipe here .

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