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Fish and False Roselle leaves Curry

The false roselle or Hibiscus acetosella is a similar plant like roselle. The difference is that the leaves of false roselle are red in colour and roselle leaves are green in colour. The false roselle leaves has also sour taste just like the roselle leaves.  So like fish and roselle leaves curry  we can also make fish and false roselle leaves curry. 

Fish and False Roselle leaves Curry 
📎Course : Main Course  📎Cuisine : Assamese 🔪Preparation Time : 5 minutes ♨Cooking Time : 20 🕞Total : 25 minutes
🍴Servings : 3

INGREDIENTS: 3 pieces of fish (any) 1 bunch of false roselle leaves 3 big pieces of taro 2 tbsp red lentil 1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds1/2 + 1/2 tsp turmeric powder 2 green chillies chopped 2 tbsp oil Salt to taste METHOD: Wash the fish pieces under running water. Rub fish pieces with 1/2 tsp of turmeric and salt. In a pan heat oil. Fry fish pieces and keep aside. Don't throw the remaining oil. In the meantime rinse red lentils. Break off the false roselle leaves on its base. Wash a…

Assamese dailot diya mas recipe : Assamese style fish and lentil curry

Dailot diya mas or fish and lentil curry does not sound so cool but it is one of the easiest fish curry recipe of Assamese cuisine. When making fish and lentil curry the most important thing is the use of souring agents.  The lentil curry must be sour when you make fish lentil curry. The procedure of cooking is the same in making different fish and lentil curries with different souring agents. Here in this recipe I am using modhuxulung leaves and roselle. Modhuxulung is a plant whose leaves are used in cooking in Assamese cuisine.  It has a sour taste and therefor used in making Assamese masor tenga or Assamese sour fish curry. Roselle has a wide use in Assamese cuisine.  Both it's leaves and fruits are used to make sour fish curries. In this sour fish curry recipe I am using roselle fruit together with modhuxulung as the souring agent.

Assamese dailot diya mas recipe : Assamese style fish and lentil curry 

📎Course : Main Course  📎Cuisine : Assamese 🔪Preparation Time : 5 minutes ♨C…

Pork with Roselle (Tengamora)

Roselle (টেঙামৰা) or Hibiscus  is used as a vegetable in Assamese cuisine. Roselle leaves are used to a make sour fish curry. Roselle fruits are also used in making fish and lentil curries. The red calyx of roselle fruits are use to make Roselle jam. Today I have tried pork with roselle and the result is fantastic. I have used red calyx of roselle fruits.  It also has a sour flavor. You can also cook pork with roselle leaves.

If you like pork then you can also try pork with mustard greens.

Pork with Roselle recipe 
📎Course : Main course
📎Cuisine : Assamese  🔪Preparation Time : 10 minutes ♨Cooking Time : 30 minutes 🕞Total : 40 minutes
🍴Servings : 2

500 gms pork6-7 big and mature roselle fruits 1/2 tbsp ginger-garlic paste1 onion, chopped1/2 tsp turmeric2 green chillies chopped 2 tbsp mustard oilSalt to taste

Cut pork into cube sized pieces. Wash under running water.In a pressure cooker boil pork for 2 whistles.  Drain water and keep the pork pieces aside. Separate the …

Roselle Jam

Roselle (টেঙামৰা) or Hibiscus is used in Assamese cuisine to make fish curries and sour lentil curries. Both roselle leaves and fruits are used for this purpose. We can also make pickle and a very decisions sour tea from roselle fruit. Yesterday I made roselle jam from the red calyx of roselle fruit. It's very simple to make and can be served in breakfast by making jam bread or jam sandwich.

Roselle Jam Recipe 

📎Cuisine : World 🔪Preparation Time : 15 minutes ♨Cooking Time :  1 hour15 minutes 🕞Total : 1 hour 30 minutes
🍴Servings : 10


250 gms of roselle fruit 2 cups of water 1/2 tbsp vinegar 2 cups of water

First wash the roselle fruits under running water. Separate the red calyx from the seedpod. In a pressure cooker take red calyx and add 2 cups of water. Close the lid. In high heat cook for two whistles. Remove from heat.Now pour everything from the cooker in a saucepan.Add sugar. Over a gentle heat cook until sugar dissolves completely by stirring continuously. Co…

Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe

Guest post : Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe by Ija Mihirayan

If you are searching for a different yet simple but tasty chicken recipe, then you have come to the right place.  Check this sweet and sour chicken recipe by Ija Mihirayan. Jaggery for sweet and tamarind for sour. The combination of these two ingredients gives a very good and unique taste to the chicken recipe. Serve this recipe as a side dish with rice at lunch or dinner. Try this recipe on this weekend and don't forget to give the feedback if you liked it.

Ija Mihirayan is a home chef based on Jorhat, Assam, India.  You can check her other recipes in her Facebook page.

Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe  📎Course : Main Course
🔪Preparation Time : 15 minutes ♨Cooking Time : 30minutes 🕞Total : 45 minutes
🍴Servings : 2-3


500 gms of boneless and skinless chicken cut into 1 inch pieces (500 গ্ৰাম হাৰবিহিন কুকুৰাৰ মাংস ১৬ টুকুৰা)2 large Onion finely chopped  পিয়াজ ডাঙৰ ২টা মিহিকৈ কূটা2-3 cloves of garlic finely ch…

Sun-dried Thekera

There are three different types of Thekera(থেকেৰা) found in Assam that belongs to the same genus 'garcinia'. Bor thekera (Garcinia pedunculata), Rupohi thekera (Garcinia lanceifolia Roxb) and Kuji thekera (Garcinia kydia). The thekera fruits have a sour flavor and are mainly used in cooking. Among these three garcinia, bor thekera and kuji thekera can be preserved by sun drying process.

Food drying is a method of food preservation which can be done by sun, oven or microwave drying. Solar drying is the ancient method of preserving food.

Thekera can be preserved by sun drying method. The sun drying method has been used for the purpose of preserving thekera by Assamese people since time immemorial.  The sun dried thekera slices are used for various purposes. You can make a very tasty fish curry with thekera.

Dried slices of thekera are used as a medicine to aid digestion. Dried slices of thekera are soaked in water for few minutes to prepare a sour liquid and then consumed as a …

Cheese Corn Toast Recipe

Cheese Corn Toast is a simple breakfast recipe that can be prepared within just 5 minutes. This cheese corn toast is my daughter's favorite.  I made this last Saturday.  If you are a follower of me on Instagram , I'm sure you have seen this pic.  With the similar idea I made Roti Pizza (Indian flat bread pizza) last Sunday.

As my daughter doesn't like onion and capsicum, I haven't added these two veggies on the toast. But if you like, you can add. I'm using ready to eat sweet corn here to save time. It's a no oven recipe.  I made it in a flat pan (Tawa). 
Cheese Corn Toast Recipe 
📎Course : Breakfast
📎Cuisine : World 🔪Preparation Time : minutes ♨Cooking Time :  minutes 🕞Total : 5 minutes
🍴Servings : 2


4 slices of bread 1/2 cup sweet corn 1/2 cup grated cheese 1+1  tbsp butter Pinch of black pepper Pinch of salt METHOD: Take out sweet corn from the refrigerator and in a saucepan take the sweet corn and add 1 cup of water.  Put it on the gas top on hi…

Assamese Style Fish Curry with Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd fish curry is an Assamese style fish curry recipe which can be served at lunch and dinner with rice. In this recipe I'm using Boriyolafish (Aspidoparia morar). You can also try this recipe with any other variety of fish. 

Assamese Style Fish Curry with Bottle Gourd 
📎Course : Main course
📎Cuisine : Indian 🔪Preparation Time : 15 minutes ♨Cooking Time : 30 minutes 🕞Total : 45 minutes
🍴Servings : 2-3


8-10 boriyola fish or any fish 1 cup chopped bottle gourd 1 big tomato, chopped2 chopped green chillies 1/2 tsp ginger garlic paste 1 small onion, chopped 1/2+1/2 tsp turmeric powder 2 tbsp mustard oil Chopped long coriander leaves Salt to taste METHOD: In a pressure cooker take chopped bottle gourd, tomato and green chilies. Add 2 cups of water and cook for 2-3 whistles. Clean boriyola fish and wash under running water. Rub with salt and turmeric. In a pan heat oil. Fry fish pieces. Drain and keep them aside. In the remaining oil add ginger garlic paste and choppe…

Simple Fish Fry Recipe

Boriyola mas (বৰিয়লা মাছ) is a species of freshwater small fish found in Assam. It's scientific name is Aspidoparia morar. It has a very sweet and delicious taste and crispy fried boriyola fish can be served as a side dish with rice.  Serve with sliced onions, chopped coriander leaves and chillies. Squeeze some lemon juice for better taste.

Simple Fish Fry Recipe 📎Cuisine : Assamese  🔪Preparation Time : 15 minutes ♨Cooking Time : 15 minutes  🕞Total : 30 minutes


250 gms of boriyola fish 1 tsp turmeric powder Mustard oil to fry Salt to taste For garnishing : 1 onion, sliced 2-3 Long coriander leaves, chopped 2-3 Green chillies 1 tbsp lemon juice METHOD: Clean fishes, throw it's intestine parts and wash under running water. Rub with salt and turmeric. In a pan heat mustard oil. Fry fishes one by one till golden brown and crisp. Drain and serve hot. Garnish with sliced onions, chopped coriander leaves and chillies. Squeeze some lemon juice. Enjoy. 

10 Souring Agents in Assamese Cuisine

Souring agent is very important in Assamese cuisine. As Assamese people like to eat masor tenga or sour fish curry, it is very important to make the curry sour by using different souring agents available in this region. 
Following are 10 souring agents used in Assamese cuisine to make different tasty recipes including masor tenga. 
1. Ou tenga(ঔ টেঙা) : English name:  Elephant apple   Scientific name : Dillenia indica
Cook with Elephant apple : Fish Curry with elephant apple

2. Modhuxulung(মধুসোলেং) :
English name :
Scientific name : Polygonum microcephalum

Cook with modhuxulung : Modhuxulung chutney

3. Tomatoes(bilahi/বিলাহী) :
There are many varieties of tomatoes used in Assamese cuisine.
Kon bilahi(কণ বিলাহী) :
English name : Cheery tomato
Scientific name : Solanum lycopersicum var
Mirika bilahi(মিৰিকা বিলাহী) :
English name : Grape tomato
Scientific name :

Cook with tomato : Fish curry with potato and tomato

4. Thekera(থেকেৰা) : Thekera is a wonder fruit found in Assam.  There ar…

List of Vegetables used in Assamese Cuisine with their English name.

Here is a list of 50 leafy and non-leafy vegetables used in Assamese cuisine with their English name. 

       Assamese name = English name  Lai xaak(লাই শাক)= Mustard green Paleng xaak(পালেং শাক)= Spinach Horiyoh xaak(সৰিয়হ শাক)= Mustard plant Dhekia(ঢেকিয়া)= Fiddlehead ferns Meethi xaak(মিথি শাক)= Fenugreek greensMati kaduri(মাটি কাডুৰি)= Sessile joyweed Lofa xaak(লফা শাক)= Chinese mellow  Bor-manimuni(বৰ-মানিমুনি)= Asiatic pennywort Sofguti(চফগুটি)= Fennel Dangbodi(ডাংবদি)= Yard long been Kolmou(কলমৌ)= Water spinach Titamora(তিতামৰা)= Jute plant Tengamora(টেঙামৰা)= Roselle Bhekuri(ভেকুৰী)= Indian nightshade Squash(স্কচ্)= Chayote squash Bahgaj(বাহঁগাজ)= Bamboo shoots Betgaj(বেতগাজ)= Rattan shoots Sojina(চজিনা)= Drumstick Maan-dhania(মান ধনিয়া)= Long coriander Mosondori(মচন্দৰি)= Heart leaf Bhedai lota(ভেদাইলতা)= Skunk vine Zilmil(জিলমিল)= White goosefoot Moricha(মৰিচা)= Amaranth Khutura(খুতুৰা)= Green amaranth Oolkobi(ওলকবী)= Kohlrabi Kosu(কচু)= Taro / colocasia Kath aloo(কাঠ আলু)= Y…

Banana Malpua

Banana malpua is an Indian style banana pancake . It is very easy to prepare.  I normally use leftover ripe bananas to make banana malpua. Banana malpua is soft and fluffy which can be served with tea special with the evening cup of tea. 

Banana Malpua 📎Cuisine : Indian 🔪Preparation Time : 10 minutes ♨Cooking Time : 15 minutes  🕞Total : 25 minutes


1 cup maida or all purpose flour 1 cup milk or as required 2-3 tbsp sugar (I am using less amount of sugar) 1/2 tsp baking powder (optional) 2 ripe bananas 2-3 cups of cooking oil or as required METHOD: Peel the bananas and then mashed it properly. In a bowl take all purpose flour. Add sugar. Add milk and mix thoroughly. Add mashed ripe bananas and mix properly with the liquid. Use food processor if required. Now the batter is ready. Heat oil in a pan. With the help of a large spoon, put one full spoon of batter into the hot oil. Cook, flip and fry until both sides turn golden brown. Drain and keep aside.  Repeat with remaining batt…

Banana Flower Fritters

Banana flower or banana blossom (কলডিল) is one of the most healthiest vegetable with lots of health benefits.
Banana flower is also known as banana heart or koldil in Assamese. Banana flower is loaded with calcium, iron, protein, fiber, vitamin E and many more healthy substances. Banana flower is good for anaemia and doctors also prescribed to eat banana flowers to anaemic patients. We can make soup and curry of banana flower.   Here is a simple recipe you can try at home. 

Banana Flower Fritters :

📎Cuisine : Indian 🔪Preparation Time : 10 minutes ♨Cooking Time : 15 minutes  🕞Total : 25 minutes

 1 cup banana florets  1/2 cup chickpea flour  1 tbsp rice flour  1/4 tbsp cumin powder   1/4 tbsp coriander powder   1/4 tbsp red chilli powder  salt to taste  oil to fry


Remove the outer pink coloured layer.  Take out some banana florets which are edible. Now take out the middle stems from each florets and soak those banana florets on salty water.For batter take a bowl. Add chick…