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15 Food Quiz Questions (Test your knowledge on Assamese cuisine)

Test your food knowledge. Test how big foodie you are.

15 multiple choice questions on Assamese cuisines and recipes.  Test your knowledge .

*Get the answers on the bottom of the post. 

Assamese cuisine is the cuisine of Assam and its different multi ethnic  communities and tribes living in different parts of Assam. Presenting 15 multiple choice questions on Assamese cuisines and recipes.  Test your knowledge .

1. In Assamese cuisine, a traditional meal begin with a

  1. Khar
  2. Tenga
  3. Pitika
  4. Bor

2. Hurung is a kind of

  1. Flattened rice
  2. Puffed rice
  3. A variety of rice
  4. Aromatic rice

3. In Patotdiya recipe which leaf is not used

  1. Banana leaf
  2. Turmeric leaf
  3. Plantain or tora leaf
  4. Lotus leaf

4. Khorisa is

  1. Fermented soya bean
  2. Fermented bamboo shoots
  3. Fermented fish
  4. Fermented cheese

5. English name of pirali palang 

  1.  Water spinach 
  2. Spinach dock 
  3. Ceylon spinach 
  4. Buffalo spinach 

6. Namsing  is

  1. Fermented fish 
  2. Fermented herbs 
  3. Fermented bamboo shoots 
  4. Fermented soya bean 

7. Poitabhat is 

  1. A kind of khichuri 
  2. Leftover rice soaked overnight to ferment 
  3. Fried rice 
  4. Steamed rice 

8. Which is not a traditional Assamese liquor 

  1. Xaj pani 
  2. Nam -lao 
  3. Aapong 
  4. Sulai mod 

9. Panitenga or Kahudi  is a preparation made by fermenting black mustard seeds with 

  1. Khar 
  2. Thekera 
  3. Fish
  4. Bamboo shoot 

10. Xukuta  is prepared from 

  1. Dry fish 
  2. Dry jute leaves 
  3. Dry banana peel 
  4. Dry bamboo shoots 

11. Which from the below not used in Assamese cuisine 

  1. Culantro 
  2. Thai basil 
  3. Po-hoi-hom
  4. Rosemary 

12. Sobai jwng oma gwran jwng is a Bodo recipe which is 

  1. Smoked pork with black gram 
  2. Black lentil with chicken 
  3. Black lentil with papaya 
  4. Chicken with rice flour 

13. Purang apin is a traditional dish of Mising community of Assam which actually 

  1. A liquor 
  2. Tupula bhat / rice parcel 
  3. Chicken curry 
  4. Dry fish chutney 

14. Pitang Oying is a recipe of Mising community which is 

  1. Pork cooked with bamboo shoots 
  2. Chicken cooked with rice flour 
  3. Dry fish chutney 
  4. Smoked pork sticks 

15. Khaulam is a traditional dish of Tai Khamyang community of Assam which is 

  1. A parcel rice wrapped in ko leaves 
  2. Sticky rice cooked in bamboo hollow 
  3. A liquor 
  4. A dry fish chutney 

Answers : 1/ 1.Khar, 2/ 2.Puffed rice, 3/ 4.Lotus leaf,  4/ 2.Fermented bamboo shoots, 5/ 3.Ceylon spinach, 6/ 1.Fetmented fish  7/ 2.Lefrover rice soaked overnight to ferment, 8/ 4.Sulai mod, 9/ 2.Thekera, 10/ 2.Dry jute leaves, 11/ 4.Rosemary, 12/ 1.Smoked pork with black gram, 13/ 2.Tupula bhat or rice parcel, 14/ 2.Chicken cooked with rice flour, 15/ 2.Sticky rice in bamboo hollow. 


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