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Gharuwa : Ghost Chilli Pickle Review / ঘৰুৱা : ভোট জলকীয়া আচাৰ - এটি সমীক্ষা

*This post is not a sponsored post but an honest review. 

At a glance :

Gharuwa is a Morigaon, Assam based pickle producer and supplier company managed by Pranab Singha and his team. The word 'gharuwa' means homemade. So the aim of the company is to give a homemade taste to its customers. Although they produce lemon(নেমু), Indian olives(জলফাই) and jujube(বগৰী) pickles, their ghost chilli or bhut jolokia pickle is more famous and in demand.

My Review on Gharuwa : Ghost Chilli Pickle / ঘৰুৱা : ভোট জলকীয়া আচাৰ - এটি সমীক্ষা -

I received two sample bottles of Gharuwa bhut jolokia pickle two weeks ago from the owner of Gharuwa. Since then I have tasted it several times at my lunch and dinner with rice. As I love making pickles, I too have a couple of bhut jolokia pickle bottles stored in my kitchen. I'm making bhut jolokia pickles from many years and I use mustard oil for making this pickle. I have noticed that the hotness of bhut jolokia decrease after making pickle.  The mustard oil that I use to make bhut jolokia pickles become more hot and the pickled bhut jolokia pieces loses its hotness. 

Now during this two weeks, every time I eat Gharuwa ghost chilli pickle, I found the same taste and hotness of the bhut jolokia pickled pieces and as an average chilli eater I found it really very hot. 

 The second thing I like about this pickle is the use of mustard and poppy seeds paste. Gharuwa ghost chilli pickle is prepared with mustard oil and yellow  mustard and poppy seeds paste. It's not too salty and too oily like other company's pickles which is good for health too. The use of less amount of spices really makes it taste like gharuwa or homemade. 


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