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Lesser Known Assamese Vegetarian Dishes That You Need To Try Once

Assamese cuisine and Assamese recipes are unique of its kind. It has a little similarly with the cuisine and recipes of other Northeast Indian states but Assamese cuisine and recipes doesn't match with the cuisine and recipes of other Indian states. Some famous Assamese recipes are like masor tenga, bora saulor pitha and hah aru kumura. But today I am going to share some lesser known Assamese dishes which are unique and very delicious.

01. Bet gaaj :

Have you ever tried bet gaaj or rattan shoots.  Young tender rattan shoots are used as a vegetable in Assamese cuisine. The outer green skin is peeled off and the inner white tissue is used as a vegetable.  The taste of rattan shoot is bitter. There are many recipes of rattan shoots. Try any one by clicking the link "Assamese style rattan shoots recipes".

02. Babori Koni :

Babori or Crown Daisy is a leafy aromatic herb with yellow flowers that blooms during winter and it is edible chrysanthemum. Babori is used as a vegetable in Assamese cuisine. Babori koni recipe is stir fried crown daisy leaves with eggs. Click here to get the recipe : "Babori koni".

03. Bhedai lotar bor :

Bor or fritters are fried food generally consists of chickpea flour or any other flour together with different chopped vegetables. In Assamese cuisine bor is generally served as a side dish with rice.  Try this bhedai lota or slunk vine fritters which are not only tasty but healthy too. For recipe click "Bhedai lotar bor".

04. Doron Bon khar :

Doron bon(দোৰোণ বন) is a medicinal plant with tiny white flowers that blooms in the winter.  Scientific name is Leucas aspera. Doron bon is used as a vegetable in Assamese cuisine. Try this doron bon khar recipe. It's flavour is very strong and generally as other khar recipes, it is served at the beginning of the meal. Get the recipe here "Doron Bon khar".

05. Sewali phul :

Night jasmine or Coral jasmine is called Shewali phul in Assamese. These flowers are widely used in Assamese cuisine  and yes these flowers are edible. Stir fried fresh night jasmine flowers with potatoes are serve hot with steamed rice. Get the recipe here : "Recipes of Night Jasmine Flowers".

06. Mithoi 

Mithoi means ladoo or balls made from rice flour. There are two types of mithoi ladoo . One is Kesa mithoi and the other one is Poka mithoi . Mithoi are generally served or distributed in religious functions with Maah-prasad. Get the recipes here : "Mithoi Recipes".

07. Modhuxulung Chutney :

Polygonum microcephalum is a green leafy vegetable found in Assam. It is called 'modhuxulung' in Assamese . It is sour in taste specially used in making sour lentil soups and sour fish curries. Make a tasty modhuxulung chutney and serve as a side dish with rice. For recipe click : "Modhuxulung chutney".

08. Mosondori Patot Diya :

Mosondori leaves are known as heart leaves because of its heart shape. Modondori have many medicinal value and are used as a vegetable in Assamese cuisine. Today I'm going to share a simple recipe of mosondori. Mosondori patot diya or heart leaves cooked in banana leaf. Serve this recipe as a side dish with rice. Here in this recipe I'm using khar.   If you don't like khar or you don't have khar, skip khar.

Mosondori leaves are known as heart leaves because of its heart shape. Modondori have many medicinal value and are used as a vegetable in Assamese cuisine. Try this mosondori patot diya recipe which is heart leaves cooked in banana leaf. For recipe click : "Mosondori patot diya".

09. Panitenga and kharoli :

 Panitenga and kharoli are two recipes made from black mustard seeds. Because of its strong flavour it is good for sneezing or runny nose. Get the recipes here : "Panitenga and Kharoli".

10. Hati Bhekuri Pitika :

Hati bhekuri are known as turkey berry in English. These are used in Assamese cuisine as a vegetable. It has many health benefits too. Among different health benefits turkey berries are good for diabetic patients, healing of colds and flu, prevents intestinal worms, treatment of anemia, regulate menstrual problems etc. Boiled turkey berries are mashed with boiled potatoes and served as a side dish with steamed rice. Recipe here : "Mashed hati bhekuri".