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10 Souring Agents in Assamese Cuisine

Souring agent is very important in Assamese cuisine. As Assamese people like to eat masor tenga or sour fish curry, it is very important to make the curry sour by using different souring agents available in this region. 

Following are 10 souring agents used in Assamese cuisine to make different tasty recipes including masor tenga. 

1. Ou tenga(ঔ টেঙা) :
English name:  Elephant apple 
 Scientific name : Dillenia indica

Elephant apple
Elephant apple 
Cook with Elephant apple : Fish Curry with elephant apple

2. Modhuxulung(মধুসোলেং) :
English name :
Scientific name : Polygonum microcephalum

Modhuxulung leaves

Cook with modhuxulung : Modhuxulung chutney

3. Tomatoes(bilahi/বিলাহী) :
There are many varieties of tomatoes used in Assamese cuisine.
Kon bilahi(কণ বিলাহী) :
English name : Cheery tomato
Scientific name : Solanum lycopersicum var
Mirika bilahi(মিৰিকা বিলাহী) :
English name : Grape tomato
Scientific name :


Cook with tomato : Fish curry with potato and tomato

4. Thekera(থেকেৰা) :
Thekera is a wonder fruit found in Assam.  There are three different types of thekera found in this region. 

Sun dried thekera
Sun dried thekera pieces

Cook with sun dried thekera : Fish curry with thekera

Bor thekera(বৰ থেকেৰা) :
Scientific name : Garcinia pedunculata

Bor thekera
Bor thekera 

Cook with bor thekera : Thekera chutney

Rupohi thekera(ৰূপহী থেকেৰা)
Scientific name : Garcinia lanceifolia Roxb 

Garcinia lanceifolia
Rupohi thekera 

Cook with rupohi there's : Rupohi thekera pickle

Kuji thekera(কুজী থেকেৰা) :
Scientific name : Garcinia kydia  

Garcinia kydia.
Kuji thekera 

5. Kaji nemu(কাজী নেমু)
English name : Assam lemon
Scientific name : Citrus limon

Assam lemon
Kaji nemu

6. Kordoi(কৰদৈ)
English name : Star fruit
Scientific name : Averrhoa carambola

Cook with star fruit : Toasted startfruit

7.  Kesa aam(কেচা আম)
English name : Raw mango 
Scientific name : Mangifera indica

Raw mango
Raw mango 

Cook with raw mango : Mango pickle

8. Bogori(বগৰী) :
English name : Jujube
Scientific name : Zizyphus jujuba


9. Jolphai(জলফাই) :
English name : Indian olive
Scientific name : Elaeocarpus serratus L.

Indian olive
Indian olive 

10. Noga tenga(নগা টেঙা) :
Scientific name : Rhus srmialata

Noga tenga
Noga tenga 


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