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Teasel Gourd Benefits

Teasel gourd or spine gourd is a vegetable available during monsoon and summer seasons and found in India and some parts of South Asia. It's binomial name is Momordica dioica. In Assamese it is called bhat-kerala (ভাত কেৰেলা). In Assamese cuisine teasel gourd is cooked in many ways. It is stir fried with potatoes, boiled and mashed with potatoes, pumpkin or eggs. Stuffed teasel gourd or bhatkerelar pur is a very tasty teasel gourd recipe stuffed with spicy potato mixture and then dipped into the spicy chickpea flour batter and then fried till golden brown.

Stuffed Teasel Gourd (Click for the recipe)

Teasel gourds are oval shaped bright green to yellow coloured vegetable that covered with small hair like thick layer. Teasel gourd is soft from inside with seeds that are cream to brown colour and can be consumed with skin and seeds after cooking.

 Teasel gourd is considered as a healthy vegetable and also is  low in calorie.

Teasel gourd is considered as a healthy vegetable and also is  low in calorie. The average nutritional value per 100 gms of teasel gourd is 84.1% moisture, 7.7 gm carbohydrates, 3.1 gms protein, 3.1 gms fat, 3.0 gms fiber and 1.1 gms minerals and also contains ascorbic said, carotene, thiamin, riboflavin and niacin (Wikipedia).

Here are some benefits of teasel gourd :

  1. Carbohydrate is the main source of energy in human body. Teasel gourd is high in fibre and water content which can help to reduce blood sugar levels and therefore beneficial for diabetic patients. 
  2. Teasel gourd contains protein which can help reducing appetite and hunger level. It can help maintain bones, muscles and skin. Helps to maintain weight loss. 
  3. As teasel gourd is high in fibre it is good for digestion and constipation problems. 
  4. Consumption of teasel gourd can help to cut down bad cholesterol and that can maintain a healthy heart. 
  5. The minerals present in teasel gourd can help keeping our bones, muscle, heart and brain work properly.