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10 Food Quiz Questions and Answers To Test Your Knowledge On Baking

Test your knowledge on baking. Take the following 10 food quiz questions on baking. 

1. What is baking soda ?

A. sodium bicarbonate

B. sodium chloride

2. What is muffin? 

A. A form of bread

B. Cupcake

3. What is the purpose of baking powder in a recipe?

A. Aids in browning

B. Helps the dough or batter to rise

4. Batters have less liquid and more flour than doughs.

A. True

B. False

5. Another name for icing sugar is :

A. baking sugar

B. confectioner's sugar

6.Which of the following leavening agents needs an acid in order to activate?

A. Baking powder

B. Baking Soda

7. What is the most commonly used flour when baking?

A. all-purpose

B. whole wheat

C. semolina

8. Butter paper is also known as :

A. Milk paper

B. Grease-proof paper

9. Brownie is :

A.  A square or rectangle chocolate baked treat. 

B. A cup cake without frosting 

10. Which can be used as a leavening agent in baking :

A. Yogurt 

B. Sugar 

Answers : 1/ A,  2/ A, 3/ B,  4/ B,  5/ B,  6/ B,  7/ A,  8/ B,  9/ A,  10/ A.