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Vietnamese Coriander | Po-hoi-hom | Masala Paat


Vietnamese Coriander is a herb which is used by few tribes and communities of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh  in their cooking as a condiment. It is known as po-hoi-hom or masala paat among these tribes and communities. Few other names of Vietnamese coriander are rau ram, Vietnamese mint, Vietnamese cilantro, hot mint, laksa leaf and praew leaf.  It's binomial name is Persicaria odorata

Vietnamese coriander is used as a cilantro substitute. It has a taste quite similar to cilantro with a slight peppery flavour. Vietnamese coriander is  very popular in Southeast Asian cooking. 

Vietnamese coriander has some medicinal value too. These leaves are packed with antioxidant and minerals like potassium, magnesium and iron. These leaves also contains vitamins A, B and C. 

In Vietnamese cuisine these leaves are commonly used as fresh in salads, soups and stews. 

In Malaysian cuisine these leaves are known as laksh leaves and is an essential ingredient of laksa , a spicy noodle soup. 

In Tai-Khamyang cuisine  of Assam these leaves are used in a pumpkin curry as a condiment. 

Try Vietnamese coriander with pork. To know the recipe Click here.


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