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10 Food Quiz Questions and Answers To Test Your Knowledge On Indian Food

Test your food knowledge on Indian food.
Get the answers on the bottom of the post.

A.  Litti chokha is a famous food of which State

  1. Assam 
  2. Bihar 
  3. Maharashtra 
  4. Gujarat 

B. A burger like fast food dish of Maharashtra

  1. Kathi roll 
  2. Samosa 
  3. Vada pav
  4. Dhokla 

C. Which state is the largest producer of rice

  1. Assam
  2. West Bengal 
  3. Punjab
  4. Maharashtra 

D. Which is not a sweet dish 

  1. Ghevar 
  2. Chikki 
  3. Shrikhand 
  4. Medhu vada 

E. Which is not an Indian bread 

  1. Phulka 
  2. Parantha 
  3. Chapati 
  4. Concha 

F. Rogan josh is a signature recipe of 

  1. Assamese cuisine 
  2. Kashmiri cuisine 
  3. Mughlai cuisine 
  4. Goan cuisine 

G. Which of the following  is not a Bengali dish

  1. Misti doi
  2. Samosa
  3. Roshogolla 
  4. Sambar vara 

H. Which of the following is not a south Indian dish 

  1. Sambar
  2. Upma 
  3. Dal makhani 
  4. Sevai 

I. Who was the winner of MasterChef India season:1

  1. Kirti Bhoutika 
  2. Pankaj Bhadoirua
  3. Nikita Gandhi 
  4. Abhinas Nayak 

J. Who was a judge of MasterChef India season:1

  1. Ranveer Brar
  2. Sanjeev Kapoor 
  3. Vikas Khanna 
  4. Kunal Kapur 

Answers : A. 2/ Bihar, B. 3/ Vada pay, C. 2/ West Bengal, D. 4/ Medhu vada, E. 4/ Concha, F. 2/ Kashmiri cuisine, G. 4/ Sambar vara, H. 3/ Dal makhani, I. 2/ Pankaj Bhadoria, J. 4/ Kunal Kapur.


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