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Chef's Knife : The Most Essential Kitchen Tool

chef's knife

Every cook has their favorite pieces of kitchen tools. Knife is the most important tool of every cook's life. A cook can use his favorite knife in his desired way. Choosing a good knife may be sometimes very difficult.  Sometimes a knife may look good but it may be not good in use. The most important thing while choosing a good knife is that you must feel comfortable while using it. It needs to be sharp and easy to be sharpen. 

Chef's Knife is a kitchen tool used to prepare food. A chef's knife is a large knife, usually about 8-10 inches long mostly made of good quality stainless steel. Chef's knife is considered to be the most important kitchen tool. Chef's knife is a western cooking tool.  We Indian generally use locally made iron knives at home. Indians don't even use cutting board. But once if you have tasted a chef's knife, you will know the importance of a chef's knife in the kitchen. I was also using locally made Indian knives in my kitchen for years. But I realized the comfort and usefulness of using a chef's knife when I ordered one last year from online shopping.

5 reasons why you should use a chef's knife 

  1. A chef's knife is a single tool that can be used in mincing, chopping, slicing, chopping vegetables and in disjointing large cuts. 
  2.  A chef's knife is strong but light in weight.  A chef's knife is convenient and safe to use.  
  3. The blade of a chef's knife is sharp and made of carbon steel and hence very easy to clean.
  4. A chef's  knife can last for a lifetime as because they are made of good quality stainless steel and it's look is also very attractive. 
  5. A chef's knife is easy to use on cutting boards or chopping boards. Using a good quality cutting board can keep a chef's knife sharper longer .
There are many expensive chef's knife are available in the market. It is harder to choose the best one. But if you are a first time buyer of a chef's knife and want to buy one online then just go through the customers' reviews once.  A good quality chef's knife does not mean that it must be an expensive one. A less expensive chef's knife may be sometimes very comfortable to use.


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