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4 Delicious Assamese pork recipes

Assamese recipes are different from other regional cuisines of India.  Assamese cuisine is less spicy compared to other Indian cuisines.  Some recipes are cooked without oil and spices.  Very lesser amount of powdered spices are used in Assamese cuisine.  It makes Assamese recipes very unique and healthy.

Assamese pork recipes are also less spicy recipes.  All the 4 recipes are unique of its kind. They taste too good. I am sure all pork lovers would like to taste these recipes.  So without wasting time let's discuss about the recipes.

1. Pork with bamboo shoot:

Form the soft part of a Bamboo shoot make long and thin slices.  Kept it in an airtight container by adding some water in it.  Use this fermented bamboo shoot in making meat or fish recipes.  Pork with bamboo shoot is also a special recipe where these fermented bamboo shoots are used.

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2. Pork with elephant apple:

Elephant apple taste little sour.  It has a wide use in Assamese cuisine.  Elephant apple is used in making fish recipes and lentil curries. Pork with elephant apple is also an unique recipe of Assam.

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3. Pork with colocasia:

Colocasia has a wide use in Assamese cuisine. A colocasia plant's root, leaves, stems as well as flowers are all edible and used in making different recipes . Pork with colocasia is a very tasty recipe.  Colocasia leaves with stems are used in this recipe.  Boil colocasia leaves with stems and throw the water before adding it to the main recipe.  It will remove the oxalates which may cause irritation of the tounge.

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4. Pork with mustard greens:

Mustard green is one of my favorite green leafy vegetable. I like all the recipes of mustard greens but it tastes too good with pork.

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  1. I would love to try the assamese pork!

  2. Hi, It seems healthy and delicious. But I can't try pork. Try suggesting alternatives :)


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