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Goru Bihu Festival of Assam

Bihu is the main festival of Assam. Bihu is observed thrice a year. Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu is celebrated in the month of April every year. The first day of bohag bihu is observed on 14th April which is the last day of Assamese calendar or last day of Assamese chot mah. The first day of bohag bihu is called Goru Bihu.  Goru means cow. So that day is the bihu of cows and buffaloes. So goru bihu is related to the agricultural roots of Assam.

eggplant and bottle gourd sticks which are offered to cows and buffaloes to eat

Dighloti and makhioto leaves

On the day of goru bihu the villagers took their cows and buffaloes to the nearby river or pond where the cows and buffaloes are washed and smeared with mah-halodhi  (black gram and turmeric paste). They are also struck with the leaves of dighalati (litsea  salicifolia)
 and makhioti (flemingia strobilifera) and offered to eat bottle gourd, eggplant etc. to grow healthy.

As per the tradition, the Assamese people consumed a dish prepared with 101 leafy vegetables or 101 medicinal plants on that day.  It's a very old tradition. The leafy vegetables includes both sour and bitter vegetables . It is a belief that the medicinal properties of the 101 leafy vegetables can heel many diseases. So it  is consumed during spring and at the peak of summer to protect us form many diseases.

egg fight 

As per the tradition, games like koni-juj or egg fight is also organized among the young.
Bihu dancer's party

In the evening the young villagers go from household to household with bihu musical instruments (Dhul, Pepa, bahi etc. ) to perform Husori. The villagers welcome them to their house with Xorai and Tamul paan( betel nuts and leaves) .  The young Hosori party then bless the members of every household for happy and prosperous year ahead. 


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