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Updated on : 25/03/2021

About RumiCooks

Started in August, 2016 (then is a food blog based in Assam that covers topics on food and recipes basically on Assamese cuisine, news, interviews,  food product reviews, restaurant reviews, places to eat and travel in Assam. 

About the Author 

Hey there!  I'm Rumi Mahanta Dutta. I'm the author of I live in a small town called Dibrugarh, in the state of Assam, India, where I live with my husband and two kids. 

Professional I am an Advocate, but after my kids were born, I took a little break from advocacy to take care of my babies. It was in the year 2014, I started a facebook page where I used to share whatever I cook. At that time I had no idea about blogging. All of a sudden, in the year 2016, I came to know about the blogging world and out of curiosity and excitement I started this blog. At the very beginning I started my blog on free blogspot platform. At that time I was not thinking of making any money from my blog but I enjoyed blogging. Soon this little blog became my  new internet home where I liked to spent most of my time.

I love to cook and love to do experiments in my kitchen. I don't have years of cooking experiences but I like to spend times in my kitchen. And through this blog I discovered my passion for cooking and blogging. 

In the year 2019 I returned back to my old profession. But I haven't quit blogging. I blog whenever I get time.

Last year, as India faced the pandemic situation together with the whole world, there was a complete lock down period for few months.  That period became a game changer for me. I stayed at home and started concentrating on my food blog. As I got enough time to devote in my blog, it starts to grow slowly. Whatever happens happens for the best. My four years of hard work paid off. 

Now as the pandemic situation is almost normal. Our courts have started working (of course we are following the guidance of WHO), my blogging time again decreased. But I love blogging and promise to provide new post every month.

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  • recipe development.
* I even coach budding bloggers to start their blog.

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