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QUIZ : Check out 5 blogging quiz questions before you start your own food blog.

You are a big foodie. You are an amazing cook. Your friends and relatives always praise your cooking skills. You love to take beautiful pictures of your food. You like to visit restaurants and like to try different dishes. You like to do experiments in your kitchen by trying different recipes. You often post pictures of your food creations in facebook and instagram. And now you want to become a food blogger. You want to start your own food blog and that's very good.

অসমীয়াত ফুড ব্লগ খুলিবলৈ ক্লিক কৰিব

But before you start your own food blog please go through the following blogging quiz questions and ask yourself, are you really want to start your own food blog?  Can you really run a food blog?  Is it really so easy to create and get success in food blogging?

Creating a food blog is very easy. By the help of google or by taking any blogging course you can easily start your food blog. And after creating your food blog you will easily learn how to post a blog post. And after posting you will be excited to share your first blog post with the world via your facebook account. But will you get enough traffic from sharing the blog only in your facebook timeline. If you are doing it as a hobby, then it's all right, you will not bother about traffic. But do you want to make money from your blog? Then surely you should know few important things before you start your own food blog. Following are some quiz questions to check yourself, whether you are ready to face challenges in the blogging world.

Let's start our quiz now :

1. People always get attracted to those food blogs that have beautiful pictures. Are you good at capturing and creating amazing food pictures ?

  • A. Yes 
  • B. No
  • C.  Kind of or sometimes 

2. Food blogging doesn't mean only posting beautiful pictures. Food writing is also essential. Are you good at writing? 

  • A. Yes 
  • B. No
  • C. Kind of or sometimes 

3. Creating a blog is easy but you should also learn some basics of blogging like web design, html etc. Are you feel comfortable while using internet and learning new things? 

  • A. Always 
  • B. Never 
  • C. Kind of or sometimes 

4. Are you a shy person? Are you a person who do not like to share your thoughts on social media? Then definitely you can't get success in blogging.  Because after posting your blog post you need to share them in different social media platforms, you need to promote it? You need to interact with your audience and many of them may be strangers. Are you ready to get socialize with the world? 

  • A. Yes 
  • B No not now 
  • C. Kind of or sometimes 

5. Your dedication towards your work is very necessary for blogging. Your blog must be fully updated. At regular intervals you must share fresh contents in your blog. Responding to blog comments and emails is important.  Are you fully dedicated and self motivated towards your goal? 

  • A. Yes 
  • B. No 
  • C. Kind of sometimes 

* If you answers are A then you have the potential to become a successful blogger. 
If your answers are B or C,  you can become a blogger but success will be not easy for you. 


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