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Vermicelli upma

Upma is a South Indian dish. Vermicelli  ( in Assamese savyoi) upma is a very tasty recipe.  It can be served as a breakfast dish but I like to have it in the evening with a cup of tea. I am cooking this dish in a very simple way and not like a South Indian style. In South Indian style curry leaves and black mustard seeds is very essential in making upma recipes.  But here in Assam as curry leaves is not very much available,  so I am not using curry leaves neither I am using mustard seeds.

Vermicelli upma

1 cup vermicelli1/4 cup chopped french beens1/4 cup chopped carrots1/4 cup peas1/4 cup chopped onions2 tbsp tomato sauce1/4 cup chopped coriander leaves1/2 tbsp cumin powder1/2 tbsp coriander powder1/2 tbsp red chilli powder1/2 tbsp garam masala powder2-3 tbsp oilSalt to taste

Dry roast vermicelli on a medium heat until they turns golden colour. Immediately transfer into a plate. Keep aside.In a pan heat oil. Add onions. Fry until golden brown. Add chopped beens, car…

Tips for Healthy Cooking & Healthy Eating : 1

We all know that we have to eat healthy food to remain healthy. Here are some tips on how to cook healthy foods or vegetables and to eat healthy foods to keep our body fit:

● After washing vegetables if possible do not throw away the water. Use it in vegetable or flower plants in your garden.

● If you have any doubt while buying vegetables that the vegetables are of hybrid product that may contains some harmful chemicals, then soak the vegetables in salted water for 10 minutes before peeling or chopping.

● If you need to boil the vegetables, do not throw the remaining water because many vitamins may left back in it . So use it in making soups,  gravys or dough of chapati or roti.

● some vegetables have their nutrients in their skin. So peel them as thinly as possible. If possible cook vegetables like potato, cucumber etc. with skin. Boil potatoes with skin as it's nutrition is in its skin.

● chop vegetables in equal size, the dish will look great.  In some dishes where potatoes h…

Mutton curry ( 2 simple mutton curry recipes)

Mutton Curry recipe: 1


250 gms mutton pieces2 big red onions chopped2 big potatoes sliced into 2 pieces2 cardamom4 cloves2 pieces of cinnamon1-2 bay leaves1/2 tbsp ginger-garlic paste1/2 tsp cumin powder1/2 tsp coriander powder1/2 tsp turmeric powder1/2 tsp black peeper powder1/2 tsp garam masala2-3 tbsp mustard oilSalt to taste


Heat oil in a heavy bottom pot or in a pressure cooker.  Fry mutton pieces until oil separates and mutton pieces turns light golden brown. Then add bay leaves, ginger-garlic paste and chopped onions.  Fry for 2-3 minutes.  Now add turmeric powder, cumin powder and coriander powder.  Add potato pieces. Mix and fry for 2-3 minutes. Add salt and cook for few minutes. Add 2 cups of water. Bring to boil. Close the cooker and cook until mutton became soft abd tender ( cook for 2-3 whistle)Let the cooker open itself.  Add cinnamon,  cardamom,  cloves, black pepper and garam masala and cook for another 5 minutes in medium heat.Remove from heat. Serve…

Fish curry with cauliflower

Cauliflower is one of the most healthiest vegetables. Cauliflower is available in winter only, so we have to wait till winter to get it's health benefits.  Fish curry with cauliflower is a simple Assamese fish curry recipe. As Assamese recipes are less spicy so it becomes much more healthy food during winter.

The recipe of Fish curry with Cauliflower


4 pieces fish

1 small cauliflower cut into florets

1 potato cut into pieces

1 tomato chopped

1/2 tbsp panch phoron

1/2 tbsp ginger-garlic paste

1/3 tbsp cumin powder

1/3 tbsp coriander powder

1/2 tbsp turmeric powder

1/2 tbsp red chilli powder

2 tbsp mustard oil
Salt  taste

For garnishing chopped coriander leaves


Rub fish pieces with salt and turmeric powder. In a pan heat oil. Fry fish pieces. Drain and keep aside.

  In the remaining oil, add panch phoron. When crackling add ginger- garlic paste. Add turmeric,  cumin, coriander and red chilli powder. Mix and add chopped tomatoes.

Now add potato and cauliflowe…