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Stir Fried Baby Potatoes with Titaphool

Phlogocanthus thyrsiflorus or (তিতা ফুল) titaphool/ (ৰঙাবাহক) rongabasak in Assamese  is a small shrub with large leaves and red coloured flowers. The red coloured flowers are edible and little bitter in taste.  It is generally used as a medicinal shrub in treating cough, stomach ache,  wounds etc. 

Yesterday my husband bought some titaphool together with some baby potatoes from the market. So I decided to cook this simple stir fried baby potatoes with titaphool recipe. But before that I asked for different recipes of titaphool in my facebook group (a foodies and recipe sharing group). Among different recipe suggestions from the group members, what I came to know that titaphool kharandfish intestines with titaphool bhaji are quite popular dishes.

I soaked some baby potatoes in cold water in a bowl and went to my daughter's school to bring her back to home. It took 20 minutes. After I come back from school, I soaked some titaphool flowers in cold water and with the help of…

Stir Fried Egg and Crown Daisy (Babori Koni) Recipe

Hello!  I'm back again after enjoying Bhogali Bihu festival.

Today I am going to share a simple stir fried egg and crown daisy recipe.  We call this recipe Babori Koni in Assamese.  Babori Xaak (বাবৰি শাক ) in English is know as garland chrysanthemum,  crown daisy,  chrysanthemum greens, edible chrysanthemum,  chop suey green,  Japanese green etc.

Crown Daisy is a leafy aromatic herb with yellow flowers that blooms during winter and it is edible chrysanthemum. The plant's greens are used as leafy vegetable in many Asian cuisines.  In Assamese it is called babori xaak. These leaves are very soft and tender and therefore need less time for cooking. It's young  and fresh greens can be used raw in salads.  I love this green but its not widely available. I got some crown daisy from my sister in law's kitchen garden and decided to make this simple recipe.  It's very tasty and I also like the sweet aroma of this recipe.

Stir Fried Egg and Crown Daisy (Babori Koni) Recipe

Modhuxulung (মধুশোলেং) Chutney

Polygonum microcephalum is a green leafy vegetable found in Assam. It is called 'modhuxulung' in Assamese . It is sour in taste specially used in making sour lentil soups and sour fish curries. Modhuxulung is a bushy tree with tiny white flowers.

Modhuxulung flowers 
We have a modhuxulung tree at our home. We do not consume it's flowers but it's leaves are edible and I often use it's leaves as a souring agent in making Assamese sour fish curry. 

Modhuxulung leaves
Today I am going to share a simple chutney recipe using modhuxulung leaves. Modhuxulung leaves are found in Assam only and I don't know about it's existence in any other place in this globe.  So if you don't have modhuxulung leaves, instead of modhuxulung leaves you can use any leaves which has a little sour taste.

This chutney can be served as a side dish with rice or roti (Indian bread) but it can also be served with fritters .

Assamese cuisine is less spicy in compared to the other Indian cui…

Omelette with Spinach curry recipe

Spinach is the king of green leafy vegetables with lots of health benefits. Spinach is one of the richest source of iron,  vitamins and minerals. Tender, fresh spinach is an excellent ingredient in many Indian dishes.  Eat spinach as raw or cooked for excellent health benefits this winter. Add spinach in salad,  make chutney,  make fritters or add as an ingredient in fish and meat curry recipes. If you like eating spinach,  I'm sure you'll like the below spinach recipes :

• Spinach with Cottage Cheese

• Fish with Spinach

• Iron rich fish curry with spinach

• Chicken with Spinach

Omelette with Spinach curry  is a delicious Indian style omelette curry recipe served as a side dish with rice or roti. This recipe is a very easy to prepare.  Make the omelette separetly and then the spinach curry separately.  At last just add the strips of omelette into the curry.  As I preferred less spicy,  I'm adding less spices in this curry but you may modify your curry by adding more spices …