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Easy Tutti Frutti Recipe Made From Watermelon

  Tutti frutti are bright coloured (red, green or yellow) sweet in taste, small cubical pieces made from raw papaya. These tutti frutti are used in cakes, cookies, ice cream and in desserts. Tutti frutti can also be prepared from watermelon . The sweet red flesh part of watermelon is very popular but actually the whole part of watermelon is edible including its rind.  Watermelon rind can be used for making tutti frutti. Peel and discard the green part from the watermelon rinds using a sharp knife. Then make small cubical pieces of it. Use any colour of your choice. Here I have used orange food colour and the final product is just awesome. Get the full recipe below : Also try : Watermelon Juice Watermelon Ice Pops Watermelon Ice Cubes Easy Tutti Frutti Recipe Made From Watermelon   🔪Preparation Time :  30 minute ♨Cooking Time :  30 minutes 🕞Total :  1 hour  INGREDIENTS: 1 watermelon (1 kg weight)  2 cups of water  2 cups of sugar  2 cups of water (for syrup)  Food colour (red, orange

Everyday Lunch Platter : Beetroot rice, Spicy chicken curry and Shahi paneer

 A special lunch platter consisting of beetroot rice, spicy chicken curry and shahi paneer.  Try this lunch menu on Sunday or on a special occasion. Beetroot rice, spicy chicken curry and shahi paneer can make a great combination. You can also serve onion salad or vegetable salad with this menu.  Today's lunch platter consists of : 1. Beetroot rice :   Beetroot rice or beetroot pulao is a rice recipe where beetroot is used. It gives a natural reddish color to the dish. Use pressure cooker to save time.  For complete recipe click  here  . 2. Spicy chicken curry : Make this Indian style spicy chicken curry with different Indian spices. For complete recipe click  here  . 3. Shahi paneer : Paneer is Indian cottage cheese which is used in making many dishes. In this shahi paneer recipe, paneer cubes are simmered in rich and creamy white gravy. Get the complete recipe  here  . < previous post

Everyday Lunch Platter : Rice, Masor muri ghonto, Chilli pickle and Papad

 A simple lunch platter : rice,  masor muri ghonto, chilli pickle and papad.  Today I'm going to share a simple yet delicious lunch platter that consists of a famous Bengali style fish head recipe together with chilli pickle and papad served with rice.  Also check : A simple Assamese rice platter : Matidail (split black gram) , dhekia xaak bhaji (fiddlehead ferns), bhedailotar bor (skunk vine fritters) and ou tenga achar (elephant apple pickle). A simple Assamese Lunch platter : Lofa xaak aru Mass, Bengana logot Masor Petu Bhoja & rice. Today's Lunch Platter Consists Of : 1. Rice : Cooking simple boiled rice is very easy. You can use pressure cooker to save time. 2. Masor muri ghonto : Use big fish's head to make this recipe. I'm using big rohu fish's head in this recipe. Clean and wash the fish head properly under running water. Make 2 or 4 parts of the fish head as you like. Rub with salt and turmeric and then fry in mustard oil before adding it to the cur

Assamese Style Everyday Lunch Platter : Bhat, Lofa xaak aru Mass & Bengana logot Masor Petu Bhoja

  A simple Assamese Lunch platter :  Lofa xaak aru Mass,  Bengana logot Masor Petu Bhoja & rice. Continuing my post on Assamese style everyday lunch platter,  presenting today a simple Assamese style lunch menu specially for busy people or working women who get very less time for cooking. I prepared this menu on a busy working day. After coming back from work, I prepared this in a very less time.  Today's lunch platter consists of : 1. Boiled rice : It's very easy to cook rice in a pressure cooker. Just rinse the rice properly and put it in the pressure cooker with the proper amount of water. Close the lid and in medium to high heat cook for 1-2 whistle. Remove from heat and let the cooker open itself. Your boiled rice is ready to serve.  2. Fish with lofa xaak : Chinese mellow is called lofa xaak in Assamese. Chinese mellow is a very tasty and very tender leafy vegetable which requires very less time to cook. Here I am using big rohu fish. But you can also  use any other v

Assamese Style Everyday Lunch Platter : Matidail, Dhakia xaak, Bhedailotar bor & Ou tenga achar

A simple Assamese rice platter : Matidail (split black gram) , dhekia xaak bhaji (fiddlehead ferns),  bhedailotar bor (skunk vine fritters) and ou tenga achar (elephant apple pickle). What do Assamese people eat for lunch or dinner?  Well, like few other Indian cuisines, Assamese people eat rice as their main food. The main thing that differs Assamese cuisine from other Indian cuisines is the side dishes that are served with rice. Fish is an everyday business. Masor tenga or sour fish curries are very favourite of Assamese people. Varieties of greens and herbs are used as a vegetable or xaak. Khar is an alkali served in the beginning of a meal which is considered as a good home medicine for stomach related problems. Chicken, mutton, duck meat, pork etc. are served together with different dals or lentils.  I am going to share a series of posts about what an Assamese people eat for lunch or dinner, or how an everyday Assamese meal looks like? I begin with a simple rice platter which I pr

Namsing Pitika : Assamese Style Dry Fish Chutney

 Today I'm going to share a simple and rustic recipe called namsing pitika . This recipe is very popular among the mishing tribe of Assam as well as some other Assamese  communities. Namsing is also known as hukoti among few other communities of Assam. Namsing is dry and grounded fish. Few herbs are also added in making namsing powder.  To know more about namsing read my previous post on namsing : click  "Namsing : A Mishing Delicacy" . Namsing Pitika : Assamese Style Dry Fish Chutney   Namsing pitika is an Assamese style dry fish chutney which is served as a side dish with rice at lunch or dinner.  📎 Course :  Side dish 📎Cuisine :  Assamese Cuisine  🔪Preparation Time :  2 minute ♨Cooking Time :  5 minutes 🕞Total :  7 minutes 🍴Servings :  1 INGREDIENTS : 2 tbsp of namsing  1 green chilli  1 small red onion  1 tbsp chopped coriander leaves  Banana leaf  Salt to taste  METHOD : Wash a small piece of banana leaf.  Heat a pan or tawa. Place the banana leaf on the tawa. 

First in Town : This Cloud Kitchen in Dibrugarh is ready to tingle your taste buds

Now a days, for most of our day to day life activities like banking, movie streaming, shopping etc. we use cloud services. In case of food delivery services also cloud services are involved as after the pendamic situation the business of most of the restaurants have morphed into cloud kitchen. The concept of cloud kitchen is not new but for a small town like Dibrugarh  cloud kitchen businesses or virtual kitchen businesses  are in the growing stage. Now you may think that "it's nothing new as some well known brands are already delivering pizzas and through swiggy and zomato services restaurants are providing home delivery services in Dibrugarh. " Then what is cloud kitchen?   - Cloud kitchen or ghost kitchen is a place where food is prepared and delivered at doorsteps where they take orders via phone calls or sometimes via food ordering services. Cloud kitchen do not provide dine in facilities like other traditional restaurants. Their concentration is only on delivering f