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Raw banana fritters

Raw banana or green banana fritters are very tasty. In Assamese it's called kas kol. These fritters can be served as a starter or as a tea time snack.

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Colocasia leaves fritters

Raw banana fritters/Kas kolor bor INGREDIENTS:

1 green banana1 potato1 small onion chopped1 small piece of ginger chopped1 egg beaten1/3 tbsp turmeric1/3 tbsp cumin powder1/3 tbsp black peppersalt to tasteoil to fry


Boil green banana or raw banana and potato.Peel boiled green banana and potato.In a bowl mashed potato and green banana.Add chopped onions,  chopped ginger,  salt , turmeric, cumin powder and black pepper.  Mix well.In a pan heat oil.Make small balls from the mashed and dip into the beaten egg.Fry these balls till golden brown.Now the fritters are ready to serve.  Serve hot with green chutney.

4 Delicious Assamese pork recipes

Assamese recipes are different from other regional cuisines of India.  Assamese cuisine is less spicy compared to other Indian cuisines.  Some recipes are cooked without oil and spices.  Very lesser amount of powdered spices are used in Assamese cuisine.  It makes Assamese recipes very unique and healthy.

Assamese pork recipes are also less spicy recipes.  All the 4 recipes are unique of its kind. They taste too good. I am sure all pork lovers would like to taste these recipes.  So without wasting time let's discuss about the recipes.

1. Pork with bamboo shoot:

Form the soft part of a Bamboo shoot make long and thin slices.  Kept it in an airtight container by adding some water in it.  Use this fermented bamboo shoot in making meat or fish recipes.  Pork with bamboo shoot is also a special recipe where these fermented bamboo shoots are used.

For full recipe please click here. ..

2. Pork with elephant apple:

Elephant apple taste little sour.  It has a wide use in Assamese cuisine.  E…

Pork with mustard greens (Lai xaak)

Mustard green is a green leafy vegetable. I love its taste.  Its little bitter but it taste good once cooked.  Many recipes can be made with this beautiful green leafy vegetable. Fish with mustard greens, mustard greens stir fry, mustard green raw chutney,  boiled mustard greens are some of the mustard greens recipes.

Pork with mustard greens is a very special recipe of  Assam. Use full grown mature and soft mustard green leaves only. This recipe is very simple and very less spices are used. Assamese cuisine is in fact less spicy compared to other Indian cuisines.  Pork with mustard green is served as a side dish with rice. As Assam is a rice eating place and we generally eat rice at lunch and dinner.  So this pork  recipe can be served at lunch and dinner also. But some people don't like to have leafy vegetables at night.  So for them serve at lunch only.

Pork with mustard greens (Lai xaak)
📎Course : Main course  📎Cuisine : Indian 🔪Preparation Time : 15 minutes ♨Cooking Time : 30…

20 Delicious Assamese fish recipes

Assam's love for fish is legendary.  The mighty river Brahmputra and it's sub-rivers are wonderful sources of some good river fish. Assamese fish recipes are the most delicious and unique of its kind.

There are many souring agents which are used to make the fish curries sour.  Such as elephant apple,  bamboo shoot,  lemon, polygonum microcephalum, roselle etc. These are used to make sour fish curries in Assamese cuisine since time immemorial.  Again different medicinal plants are also used in making Assamese fish curries which makes them very unique.

Here I am going to share 20 simple and delicious Assamese fish curry recipes . These recipes are less or without spices and cooked with fresh fishes. Cooking methods are also very simple. Hence these recipes are very healthy.

Fish curry with spinach

Fish curry with mustard greens

Fish curry with colossus stem and bamboo shoot

Fish curry with mustard seeds

Fish curry with potato and tomato

Fish curry with modhuxuleng

Fish curry with …

Fish curry with colocasia stem and bamboo shoot

Colocasia or taro is a tropical plant found in Assam.  It is also called elephant ear in some countries.  There are some edible colocasia plants.  These are of two varieties.   One is with green stems and other has black/purple stems.  Some colocasia are small plants and some are huge big plants. Here in this recipe I am using big colocasia green coloured steam.

Each part of a colocasia plant are edible.  Colocasia leaves can be used in making fish recipes, colocasia fritters , pork recipe etc.  Colocasia flowers are also edible.

Colocasia or taro roots are again edible and very tasty and healthy too. Many fish recipe such as Fish with colocasia and spounge gourd , fish with colocasia and elephant apple , small fish curry etc. and fish head recipe can also be made.

Colocasia stems curry  is a very tasty recipe.  But I never cooked fish with colocasia stems. I tried fish head with colocasia stems with black pepper . So I tried and discovered this new recipe of fish curry with colocasia