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First in Town : This Cloud Kitchen in Dibrugarh is ready to tingle your taste buds

Now a days, for most of our day to day life activities like banking, movie streaming, shopping etc. we use cloud services. In case of food delivery services also cloud services are involved as after the pendamic situation the business of most of the restaurants have morphed into cloud kitchen. The concept of cloud kitchen is not new but for a small town like Dibrugarh  cloud kitchen businesses or virtual kitchen businesses  are in the growing stage.

Now you may think that "it's nothing new as some well known brands are already delivering pizzas and through swiggy and zomato services restaurants are providing home delivery services in Dibrugarh. "

Then what is cloud kitchen? 

- Cloud kitchen or ghost kitchen is a place where food is prepared and delivered at doorsteps where they take orders via phone calls or sometimes via food ordering services. Cloud kitchen do not provide dine in facilities like other traditional restaurants. Their concentration is only on delivering food to their customers at their doorsteps. 

Picture credit : Pakghor Instagram Account 

Pakghor is a brainchild of two people in love with each other, trying to create a safe work environment for the team and the Community as a whole. Both the creators have 10+ years of work experience in various corporation in the Capital, Delhi.

In their words "Nothing is more beautiful than coming back home and creating an independent venture."

Pakghar was launched in April 2017 as an one man operation, continued for two years and thereafter in the year 2019 they've created a proper structure with a fully functioning kitchen; 300sqft of space along with 5 member capacity.

Picture Credit : Pakghor Instagram Account 

The menu of Pakghar is little extensive one as they are providing varieties of dishes of pork, chicken, mushroom and momos. 

Pork dishes -

  • Pork ribs
  • Pitha pork 
  • Pork salad 
  • Spice pork 
  • Pork curry 
  • Sesame pork 
  • Pork dry fry 
  • Ou-tenga pork 
  • Lai xaak pork 
  • Sweet and sour pork 
  • Pork bamboo shoots 
  • Boiled pork etc. 

Picture credit : Pakghor Instagram Account 

Chicken dishes -

  • Spicy chicken 
  • Chicken curry 
  • Chicken salad 
  • Chicken achari 
  • Sesame chicken 
  • Chicken dry fry 
  • Boiled chicken etc. 
  • Chicken kalimirch 
  • Chicken bamboo shoots 
  • Chicken lai xask
  • Chicken butter masala 
  • Keema chicken 
*The price ranges start from 60-360rs with a minimum order of 150rs.
Know more about the menu by clicking on the menu pic above. 

Address : South Khalihamari, Dibrugarh, Assam 

Phone : 8099270670 
Time :10 AM to 9PM


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