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Cooking YouTube Channels from Assam you should follow :Part 3

On early days people loved to watch cooking shows on television as a mean of entertainment or just to learn recipes. But now is the era of netizens and everyone has smart phones. Youtube is a free video sharing service where one can reach unlimited viewers for his videos all over the world. After the launch of youtube many including professional chefs to amateur cook, has started sharing their cooking videos. And it become very helpful for ordinary people to learn recipes from their favorite chef or youtuber.

Continuing my post on cooking youtube channels from Assam you should follow, today's post is about a popular cooking youtube channel Taru Phukan. 

Taru Phukan is a youtube channel where you can learn some amazing recipes including some indigenous Assamese recipes. The channel is hosted by Taru Phukan. Based on a small town called Dibrugarh in the state of  Assam, Taru Phukan formerly was a lecturer in a junior college. She also worked in all India radio and also writes poems in different magazines.

 Cooking different recipes was her hobby.  Her passion for cooking grew during childhood by watching her mother collect different herbs and greens from the wild and cook in indigenous styles. As she had a great passion for cooking, she started her cooking youtube  channel and started sharing different indigenous Assamese recipes and some of her own recipes. Taru Phukan has 138K subscribers.

Taru Phukan did many cooking shows on television and also writes food columns on different Assamese magazines like Nandini, Anyajug, Sadin etc.

Recently she started her food blog in English through a translator Kabita Duarah to promote the unexplored ethnic Assamese cuisine before the global audience. Wishing her success in her new beginning.


  1. Thank you so much for highlighting the efforts of Taru Phukan in promoting indigenous food of Assam. Wishing you all the best.

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