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Cooking YouTube Channels from Assam you should follow :Part 2

Male chefs are dominating the restaurant sectors. Similarly there are many male youtubers who shares recipe vedios on YouTube. Through this post I am going to introduce 4 such upcoming youtubers from Assam who like to share food related videos on their YouTube channels.

Male chefs are dominating the restaurant sectors. Similarly there are many male youtubers who shares recipe videos on Youtube. Through this post I am going to introduce 4 such upcoming youtubers from Assam who like to share food related videos on their Youtube channels.

[Cooking YouTube channels from Assam you should follow : Part 1]

Cooking YouTube Channels from Assam you should follow: Part 2

Food Club

Food club run by Dipankar Das. Based in Guwahati, Assam, Dipankar is a graphic designer by profession. Dipankar is fond of cooking and photography since his childhood. As he has a great passion for cooking, he started his Youtube channel Food club. His Youtube channel consists videos on different recipes including some recipes of Assamese cuisine. As he also has a passion for food photography, he regularly shares his passion for photography by posting his food pics in his instagram account. Do follow his instagram account and subscribe to his Youtube channel. Wishing Dipankar good luck for his future.

The Art of Spices 

The art of spices is run by Diganta Gogoi, a 33 years old video creator by profession who also has his own small video and film production company called "Off Road Productions" based in Guwahati, Assam. Diganta started his career as an online video editor back in 2006 at Northeast Television, Guwahati. In 2009, he shifted to Mumbai to pursue his dreams in filmmaking. He started working with various media houses till 2015 and also worked as a freelancer. He was associated with Prime Focus, Discovery channel, TLC, Star Sports, Sahara TV, Optimystix etc.

Regarding his journey with food, as he had to stay away from his family since college days, he had no option left other than learning the art of cooking. Though back then cooking was not much of an interest but as time passed by it became a passion as his friends and family started appreciating the things he cooked. With their  inspirations and motivations his  interests grew with food and had the desire to make people serve and give them the taste with authentic dishes of his homeland Assam which he relished in his childhood.

Once in a cooking show called "Webchef' for digital media, he was working as the chief editor and that's when he thought that someday he would also make his own cooking dishes and share it with the world. And thereafter he created his own Youtube channel with his experiences he had gained so far.

His Youtube channel showcase different recipes of Assamese cuisine.

Do subscribe to his channel and follow his Instagram account to cheer this young man. 

Rohan's Kitchen 

Rohan's Kitchen is run by Rohan Sahu, a young man from Khowang, Dibrugarh who is a teacher by profession. Rohan likes cooking and shares his recipes in different social media platform. He is also an admin of a food group in facebook.  Recently he had launched his Youtube channel and started sharing his recipes. As a newbie Rohan's recipe videos are getting very popular in facebook food groups. Wishing him success in life.

Life: Sing, Eat &Travel

Life: Sing, Eat & Travel is a lifestyle YouTube channel created by Dr. Gitartha Kaushik , an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Zoology, Assam Down Town University. Gitartha's channel includes videos on different culinary items related to Assamese cuisine, with some of his travel and singing videos. He created the channel to upload some of the very hit songs of his sister, Trishna Devi. Later he started including some of his cooking & travel videos in the channel. Gitartha is fond of singing and hence he included some of the songs he performed in various shows.
Wishing all the luck to Gitartha for his new beginning !
Follow him on instagram to see his food pics.


  1. I am too happy to have received this appreciation and attention from your end..... The gesture and words have inspired me and motivated me to do better in my future endeavors.thank you so much sis means a lot for me.....❤

  2. Congratulations to all of u my dear brother's


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