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Cooking YouTube Channels from Assam you should follow :Part 1

YouTube channels are getting so popular now a days, and why not? anyone can learn anything by watching YouTube videos. There are thousands of food YouTube channels all over the world and in India  the number is growing faster during the lock down period. In Assam alone there are hundreds of cooking YouTube channels,  that shares delicious Assamese recipes. Therefore I have decided to share a few posts  about those YouTube channels for my readers. Every Friday I will be sharing a post about a food youtuber from Assam.

Cooking YouTube Channels from Assam you should follow :Part 1

Pompi Sarmah Khound

YouTube  Channel : Better Life With Pompi & Mitali

  1. Pompi Sarmah Khaund is a house maker who live in Rukmini Gaon, Guwahati with her husband and two kids. She has a great passion for cooking as cooking is also her hobby. She regularly shares recipes in different Assamese magazines and newspapers like Nandini, Priyo Sakhi, Sambhar, Sukanya, Axom Bani etc. She also do food shows on different television channels.

On June, 2019 Pompi released her first ever recipe book "পম্পীৰ আখলত ব্যঞ্জনৰ জুতি".

On July, 2019 she was awarded "সুদক্ষ ব্যঞ্জন পৰিবেশক" (Expert recipe presenter) - from Prime North East channel, about which she said that receiving this is one of the happiest moment of her life.

"A moment receiving felicitation in a Summer cooking workshop"

Pompi also do modelling for Nandini and Priyo Sakhi magazines, and her pictures were published as a cover model in those magazines.

As one of the most cherished moment of her life, she met her favorite chef Chef Ranveer Brar in a cooking workshop at Guwahati.

As she has a passion for cooking, about 6-7 months ago she launched her YouTube channel with her sister-in-law Mitali to share her cooking skills and other videos.

Pompi's favorite recipe 

Apple sweet 
Pompi shared a beautiful YouTube recipe video of a delicious sweet dish called "Apple mithai" . Check out the vedio here.

Follow her YouTube channel to watch her other recipe vedios.

*stay tuned next week to know about another amazing foodtuber from Assam. 


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