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How to make KHAR of Assamese Cuisine

Khar is an alkali prepared from sun dried skin of some varieties of banana. It is prepared by filtering the water from the burn ashes of the skin of the banana. Therefore it is also called kolkhar (kol means banana). It is preserved in bottles and can be used for months. It sounds bizarre but Assamese people are using khar as a cooking ingredient since time immemorial when salt was not discovered. It is believed that khar cleanses the stomach.

 A traditional Assamese meal begin with khar recipe.  A khar recipe can be prepared with raw papaya, bottle gourd, dry Jasmin flower,  doron bon xaak, fish head etc. In a khar recipe khar is the key ingredient.  One or two tablespoons is enough to prepare khar recipe.  Khar can also be consumed as raw by just adding chopped garlic,  few drops of mustard oil and salt.

• Doron Bon Khar
• Papaya Khar

Recipe of making khar from banana peels :
Ingredients :

• Dry peels of 2 banana
• 2 cups of water.

Method :

Khar is generally prepared from bheem ko…

Chicken with curry leaves

Curry leaves are the leaves of curry plant and are often used inIndian cuisines . Curry leaves are extremelyaromatic and are available throughout the year. These leaves also contains many nutritional value as these leaves provide vitamin A, vitamin B, proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, fiber, calcium etc. Fresh curry leaves can be fried in oil to add depth flavour at the start of cooking. Curry leaves can be consumed as raw by making raw chutney.Curry leaves inAssamese known asNarasingha. 
Chicken with curry leaves : 📎Course : Main course  📎Cuisine : Indian 🔪Preparation Time : 20 minutes ♨Cooking Time : 40 minutes 🕞Total : 60 minutes
🍴Servings : 2


500 gms of chickencurry leaves, 1 bunch2-3 green chillies1/2 tbsp ginger garlic paste1 big potato2 onions finely chopped1 tomato chopped1/3 tbsp cumin powder1/3 tbsp coriander powder1/3 tbsp black pepper2-3 tbsp mustard oilsalt taste


Separate curry leaves from the stems. Wash curry leaves under running water. In a grinder …

Egg Oats Upma recipe

Upma is a South Indian breakfast dish using simple ingredients like curry leaves,  black mustard seeds, vegetable etc. Oats are rich in soluble fibers and are considered as one of the healthiest food on earth.  Many people starts their day by eating a bowl of oats. Oats can help to reduce bad cholesterol level in the body, lower blood sugar levels and to loose weight. Egg oats upma  is a quick breakfast recipe. Instead of egg you can add boiled vegetables to make veg oats upma.



2 cups oats1 egg1/2 tbsp black mustard seeds8-10 curry leaves1 big onion chopped2 green chillies chopped1 tbsp oil ( extra oil to make omelet) salt to taste


Dry roast oats for 2-3 minutes. Keep aside. Let it cool.Beat egg and salt. In a pan heat oil. Pour in beaten egg to make an omelet. Keep the omelet aside.Again heat 1 tbsp of cooking oil in a pan. Add black mustard seeds and curry leaves. When crackling add chopped onions and green chillies . Saute for a minute .Now add roasted…

Cucumber with mustard gravy

Cucumber (in Assamese - tiyoh) has 96% water content which are extremely beneficial during summer to prevent dehydration. Cucumber is also rich in VitaminA,  vitaminC and folic acid. The skin of cucumber is rich in dietary fiber. Cucumbers are low on carbohydrate and also a source of fiber and therefore good for diabetic patients. Cucumber is a versatile vegetable that can be added to a variety of dishes. Raw cucumber can be used to make salad orraita. Cucumber with mustard gravy is a spicy vegetarian recipe which can be served as a side dish with rice or roti.


1 big mature cucumber2 tbsp yellow mustard seeds2-3 whole green chillies 1/2 tbsp ginger garlic paste1 onion finely chopped1 tomato finely chopped 1/2 tsp turmeric powder1/2 tsp red chilli powder1/2 tsp garam masala powder2 tbsp mustard oilsalt to taste


Wash cucumber under running water. Peel cucumber and cut in big round shaped pieces .With the help of a knife remove the seeds from the middle of the round shap…

Star fruit pickle

Star fruitis also known as Carambola. It is yellow in colour and have five angle in shape. Star fruit is sweet as well as sour in taste and is very rich in Vitamin C. The star fruit tree is a small bushy tree. We too have a star fruit tree at our home. In Assamese we called it 'Kordoi' .

📎Course : Pickle 📎Cuisine : Indian

6-8 mature ripen star fruits 1/2 tsp split yellow mustard seeds 1/2 tsp cumin seeds1 tsp fennel seeds1/2 tsp nigella seeds1 tsp red chilli powdersalt as requiredmustard oil as required


Rinse and wipe dry star fruitsDice star fruits discard the seeds.Mix salt. Keep under sun for drying for 2 days.Dry roast mustard seeds,  cumin seeds , fennel seeds and nigella seeds on medium heat till fragrant. Let it cool. Grind together.Mix this spice mixture with sun-dried star fruit dices. Add red chilli powder. Mix well so that  the spices get evenly coated on star fruit dices.Heat mustard oil . Let it cool. In a glass bottle take the di…