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Open Fire Cooking

Assam is a state well known for its natural beauty,  wild life, tea plantation and of course for its amazing cuisine. Assamese people often restore to various methods of cooking like steaming and grilling to make various amazing dishes. Cooking on open fire is the oldest method of cooking. Still in India there are hundreds of villages where open fire pit is the only option for cooking . In Assam, even in urban areas some of the homes have two kitchens. One is the modern one well equipped with modern cooking equipments, and the other one is outside the main house (generally a mud hut)  with the oldest method of cooking equipment (জুইশাল). It may be for emergency use when electricity or gas supply is not available but we Assamese people love the smoky flavor of the dishes cooked in open fire stoves.

Smoked pork sticks 

Pura (smoked or grilled) is one of the speciality of Assamese cuisine. Various vegetables , fish or meat are grilled on open fire to make various dishes.  Grilled potatoes, grilled eggplant, grilled fish and grilled pork are some of the famous recipes of Assamese cuisine which are grilled or smoked on open fire. As pitika (mashed) is the signature recipe of Assamese cuisine, we like to make pitika of the various food after grilling.

Mutton cooked on open fire 

Meat cooked in open fire stoves taste much different than cooking on electric stove or LPG stove. It gives a nice smoky flavour which is my all time favorite. Because of the heat of open fire meat cooked so nicely. In many places of Assam in different functions and ceremonies food is generally cooked on open fire.

Some of the Assamese communities like to preserve fish and meat pieces by drying on smoke over the open fire cooking stove.

So open fire cooking is a part and parcel of Assamese cuisine. People who do not have such open fire kitchens, they still grilled or smoked various vegetable, fish or meat on gas stove to taste the amazing taste of pura pitika.

Now a days many modern open fire cooking stove are available in the market.  So you can buy one such stove to have the taste of open fire cooking.