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Fish curry with bamboo shoot

Continuing with my bamboo shoot recipes,  now this one is a very special one. Fish curry with bamboo shoot or Khorisa maas is a special recipe of Assam. Khorisa is fermented bamboo shoot.  It has a sharp smell that can be distinguish from a distance after cooking. It has a little sour taste after fermentation.  The taste of raw bamboo shoot is bitter. So in making fish curry we always use fermented bamboo shoot. The thin slices or grated bamboo shoots are fermented by adding only water and preserving in airtight container.  Any fish big or small can be used in making this fish curry recipe. The taste differs from fish to fish. I am using big fish pieces here. So here's the recipe:


4 pieces of fish (any) 1/2 cup fermented bamboo shoot 1 onion chopped 2-3 cloves of garlic chopped1 piece ginger chopped2 green chillies chopped1/2 tbsp turmeric powder1/2 tbsp red chilli powder 2 the mustard oilsalt to taste


Take any fish big or small. Here I have given two pictures of…

Pork with bamboo shoot and bhut jolokia.

Pork with bamboo shoots is a very tasty and yummy pork brecipe.  And if you add bhut jolokia in it then it  becomes more tastier and yummier. It's a side recipe usually served with plain rice. I love this recipe very much. I am using preserved fermented bamboo shootwhich I preserved 10-15 days ago. I am using long thin sliced bamboo shoot. You can use grated one also, the taste will not differ. Canned bamboo shoot can also be used. Here's the recipe-

Pork with bamboo shoot and bhut jolokia
­čôÄCourse : Main course  ­čôÄCuisine : Indian ­čö¬Preparation Time : 15 minutes ♨Cooking Time : 30 minutes ­čĽ×Total : 50 minutes
­čŹ┤Servings : 2

500 gms pork1 cup fermented bamboo shoots1 or 1/2 bhut jolokia, chopped1 onion, chopped2-3 garlic cloves. chopped1 piece of  ginger. chopped1/2 tsp turmeric powder2 tbsp mustard oilsalt to taste
Make cube sizes pieces of pork and wash it under running water.  In a pressure cooker bring to boil for 1-2 whistles.  Drain and keep aside.In a pan he…

Pork with colocasia leaves (kosu xaak)

Colocasia is a tropical plant found in entire northeast India.  Its every part is edible.  Its leaves, stems, flower and roots.  But Some may not like it. And some may be allergic to it. There are many varieties of colocasia found in this region. In this Pork with colocasia leaves (kosu xaak) recipe  I am using small colocasia  plants' leaves with stems.

Boil colocasia leaves and throw the water before making any recipe in order to remove the oxalates that may cause irritation of the tounge.

Pork with colocasia leaves (kosu xaak)
­čôÄCourse : Main course  ­čôÄCuisine : Indian ­čö¬Preparation Time : 20 minutes ♨Cooking Time : 30 minutes
­čĽ×Total : 50 minutes
­čŹ┤Servings : 2

A bunch of Colocasia leaves with stems 500 gms pork cut into pieces1 onion, chopped1/2 tbsp ginger garlic paste1/2 tsp turmeric1/2 tsp cumin powder1/2 tsp coriander powder1/2 tsp black pepper2 tbsp mustard oilsalt to taste
Wash colocasia leaves  with stems  under running water. Chopped them and boil them. Dra…

Pork with elephant apple and ghost chilli (bhoot jolokia)

Elephant apple, ghost chilli or bhoot jolokia, long coriander or maan dhania are the specialty of Assam. Pork with elephant apple and bhoot jolokia is a special recipe of this part of India. The taste of elephant apple is too sour and the taste of bhoot jolokia is too hot. So it's a hot and sour pork recipe and it's so tempting that every pork lover will definitely love it.

Pork with elephant apple and ghost chilli (bhoot jolokia)
­čôÄCourse : Main course  ­čôÄCuisine : Indian ­čö¬Preparation Time : 20 minutes ♨Cooking Time : 30 minutes ­čĽ×Total : 50 minutes
­čŹ┤Servings : 2

500 gms pork1 elephant apple1 bhoot jolokia, chopped2-3 garlic cloves, chopped1 small piece of ginger, chopped1 big onion, finely chopped1/2 tsp turmeric1/2 tsp cumin powder1/2 tsp corriander powder2 tbsp mustard oilLong coriander (maan dhania), chopped Salt to taste

Cut pork into cube sized pieces and wash it properly under running water. In a pressure cooker boil pork pieces upto 1 or 2 whistles. Now …

Bamboo shoots : How To Ferment and Preserve

Bamboo is an evergreen plant found widely in the entire northeast India. Its edible root part is called bamboo shoot. It is light yellow in colour. The young bamboo shoot sprouts are found during summer season in Assam which are then fermented and preserved. I heard about canned bamboo shoots.  But in this part of India we don't require canned bamboo shoots as fresh bamboo shoots are widely available. We preserve it in airtight container for later use.

 How to cut, store and preserve bamboo shoot?
After buying from the market it's hard outer skin should be peeled off. Remove it's skin one by one till you reach its tender part.

Now make two parts of the light yellow soft part.

Take the upper thin and soft part and make thin and long slices.

Its taste is slightly bitter. But it's taste turns good once boiling.  After boiling we can consume it by making salad or we can make stir fry bamboo shoot after boiling.

 After making thin and long slices,  …

Panch phoron (Five spices mixture) recipe

Panch phoron or five spices mixture. I use this spice mixture in many of my recipes.  Panch phoron is used in many parts of India specially in Bengali and Assamese cuisines. Five spices are equally mixed together to make this spice recipe.  Panch phoron we can buy it readymade from the market.  But I like to prepare it at home. Because one that we buy from the market doesn't contain equal amount of every spices. I always notice more fenugreek seeds than other spices. So it's better to prepare it at home and always keep it in an airtight container.


1 tbsp of cumin seeds (jeera)1 tbsp of nigella seeds (kala jeera)1 tbsp of fennel seeds (saunf)1 tbsp of fenugreek seeds (methi) and1 tbsp of carom seeds (ajwain)*

*You can use black mustard seeds instead of carom seeds.


Mix all five spices together to make panch phoron.

Watermelon juice recipe

Watermelon  is a summer fruit which contains lots of vitamins and minerals.  It's also a good antioxidant.
There are many watermelon juice recipes. One can add lemon juice,  mint etc. in it.  It can be served as plain also. We all should drink lots of watermelon juice in summer to beat the heat.
So, here is a recipe of Watermelon juice:
Watermelon juice recipe
­čö¬Preparation Time : 10 minutes ­čŹ┤Servings : 2

 2 cups of Watermelon cubes peeled and deseaded3-4 mint leaves choppedBlack saltChat masalaIce cubesMETHOD:

In a blender blend watermelon cubes and chopped mint leaves.Pour it in a long glass. Add black salt and chat masala as required.Add ice cubes. Garnish with mint leaves. Watermelon juice is ready to serve.