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Letz Go Baby Pizza Base Review

Baby pizza base from Letz Go

Letz Go is a bakery shop, cake shop, sweet shop cum fine dine restaurant. Situated at H. S. road, Dibrugarh, Letz Go is a very popular bakery shop in Dibrugarh. It's bakery items are very delicious and the price is also little higher than the other bakery shops in Dibrugarh.

I generally make pizza base myself at home. Homemade pizza base are the best and my kids like it very much as these comes out very tender crisp with perfect thickness

My homemade pizza bases 

Letz Go Baby Pizza Base Review 

Product name: Baby Pizza Base
Brand: Letz Go
Quantity: 10 piece Cost: Rs. 100/-
Date of manufacture :13-05-2020

I brought a packet of Baby pizza base on 13/05/2020 and I used those today 15/05/2020. Here is my review :

  • It's very easy to use and it saves time as it requires time to make pizza base at home. 
  • Size is very good. 
  • Price is good. Per piece cost 10 rupees. 
  • Not tender crisp like homemade base. Very dry. 
  • These base are a bit thick.  I preferred little lighter and a bit thinner. 

Rating : 3/5