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10 Food Quiz Questions and Answers To Test Your Knowledge On Indian Food

Test your food knowledge on Indian food. Get the answers on the bottom of the post. A.  Litti chokha is a famous food of which State Assam  Bihar  Maharashtra  Gujarat  B. A burger like fast food dish of Maharashtra Kathi roll  Samosa  Vada pav Dhokla  C. Which state is the largest producer of rice Assam West Bengal  Punjab Maharashtra  D. Which is not a sweet dish  Ghevar  Chikki  Shrikhand  Medhu vada  E. Which is not an Indian bread  Phulka  Parantha  Chapati  Concha  F. Rogan josh is a signature recipe of  Assamese cuisine  Kashmiri cuisine  Mughlai cuisine  Goan cuisine  G. Which of the following  is not a Bengali dish Misti doi Samosa Roshogolla  Sambar vara  H. Which of the following is not a south Indian dish  Sambar Upma  Dal makhani  Sevai  I. Who was the winner of MasterChef India season:1 Kirti Bhoutika  Pankaj Bhadoirua Nikita Gandhi  Abhinas Nayak 

Cooking YouTube Channels from Assam you should follow :Part 4

Youtube content creator most popularly know as youtuber is a person who create videos on different topics and shares on youtube channel, which is a free video sharing platform. Youtubers can earn money by monetizing their youtube channel with Google Adsense. Continuing with my series on cooking youtube channels from Assam you should follow,  today I'm going to share 4 female Youtubers from Assam who has cooking youtube channels. Also read : * Cooking youtube channels from Assam part 3 * Cooking youtube channels from Assam part 2 * Cooking youtube channels from Assam part 1 1. NITU'S AKHOL Nitu's Akhol is a food youtube channel created by Nitumoni Das Sarmah. Based on a small town called Numoligarh, in the district of Golaghat, Nitumoni live with her husband and daughter. Nitumoni liked acting and dancing since her school days. She was able to show her dancing talent in folk, kathak and bihu dance performance in different places. During her collage da

10 Popular Instagram Hastag for #assamesefood

Are you searching for popular instagram hastag for #assamesefood. Then you are in the right place. Hastag means a word preceded by a hash sign(#) used on social media. Hastag on instagram plays an important role. Putting the right hastag can help a post to reach good score in instagram. It also can help to reach the right audience and to grow your brand. To use hastag in instagram simply paste it in the caption of the post or you can also put them on comment. Following is a list of 10 popular instagram hastag for #assamesefood. Simply copy and paste in your instagram post.  Instagram hastag for #assamesefood #assamesefood #assamesecuisine #assamese foodie #assamesefoodblogger #assamesecuisines #assameserecipes #assamesefoodporn #assamfoodblogger #guwahatifoodie #guwahatifoodblogger Total number of instagram post for these hastag are: #assamesefood - 25.2K posts #assamesecuisine - 18.1K posts #assamese foodie - 1000+ posts #assamesefoodblogger -1000+ posts #a

5 Delicious Bengali Recipes You Must Try

Bengali food is a combination of sweet and spicy flavour. In Bengali cuisine, the simplest of the dish gets an exquisite taste on adding different spices. In traditional Bengali recipe, spices are blend in ' sil pata' - stone grinder so that spices do not lose their aroma. Here are 5 simple yet delicious Bengal recipes to try : 1. Bori diya lau torkori  (Bottle gourd with lentil dumplings)  INGREDIENTS: 2 cup chopped bottle gourd 1 potato cut in cube sized pieces (optional) 1 small tomato chopped 1/2 tbsp ginger garlic paste 1/2 tbsp   Panch phoron ( a mixture of 5 different spices: cumin seeds, black mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds and nigella seeds) 1/2 tsp turmeric powder 1/2 tsp cumin powder 1/2 tsp coriander powder 1/2 tsp red chilli powder 1/2 tsp garam masala powder 2 tbsp oil (extra oil if required for frying lentil dumplingd) 12-15 dried cone shaped lentil dumplings(any) Salt to taste For garnishing:- chopped coriander le

Kumro Patay Bora / Rongalau Pator Bor (Pumpkin Leaves Fritters)

Kumro patay bora is a Bengali style pumpkin leaves fritters stuffed with spicy potato stuffing and wrapped in tender pumpkin leaves. Dipped into batter and fried into crispy golden brown from outside and soft juicy inside. It's raining today and I decided to make rongalau pator bor. So I asked my husband to pluck some tender pumpkin leaves from our kitchen garden. Immediately I  prepared the fritters together with a mixed vegetables sabji and served in dinner with rice.  And believe me the pumpkin leaves fritters were really yummy. I made a quick video of the whole process. Click the video to see how I made the fritters. Kumro Patay Bora (Pumpkin Leaves Fritters) (ৰঙালাওঁ পাতৰ বড়) 📎 Course :  Snack  📎Cuisine :  Indian  🔪Preparation Time :  15 minutes ♨Cooking Time :  15 minutes 🕞Total :  30 minutes INGREDIENTS: 5 medium sized tender pumpkin leaves  Oil to fry  For batter : 1/2 cup chickpea flour  1 tbsp rice flour or semolina 

15 Food Quiz Questions (Test your knowledge on Assamese cuisine)

Test your food knowledge. Test how big foodie you are. * Get the answers on the bottom of the post.  Assamese cuisine is the cuisine of Assam and its different multi ethnic  communities and tribes living in different parts of Assam. Presenting 15 multiple choice questions on Assamese cuisines and recipes.  Test your knowledge . 1. In Assamese cuisine, a traditional meal begin with a Khar Tenga Pitika Bor 2. Hurung is a kind of Flattened rice Puffed rice A variety of rice Aromatic rice 3. In  Patotdiya recipe which leaf is not used Banana leaf Turmeric leaf Plantain or tora leaf Lotus leaf 4. Khorisa is Fermented soya bean Fermented bamboo shoots Fermented fish Fermented cheese 5. English name of pirali palang    Water spinach  Spinach dock  Ceylon spinach  Buffalo spinach  6. Namsing  is Fermented fish  Fermented herbs  Fermented bamboo shoots  Fermented soya bean  7. Poitabhat is  A kind of khichuri  Leftove

Assamese Style Non-vegetarian Sunday Lunch Menu Guide

Are you planning for Sunday special lunch menu?  Here is an guide for you. I have  tried to prepare this menu with the available ingredients and vegetables found in the month of May. As Assam is in a complete lock down due to pandemic Covid 19, it becomes very difficult to obtain and purchase food items. As pigs are dying due to some unknown disease and therefore there is a ban on eating pork. Chicken and mutton are also not easily available. People are also getting fear to eat river fish. So it is better to eat home grown herbs and greens. Assamese Style Non-vegetarian Sunday Lunch Menu Guide  Rice is the main food. Assamese people eat rice at lunch with fish, meat or other vegetables. If you are cooking fish or meat in curry style, then no need to cook dal or lentil curry.  Choose Fish curry  • Fish curry with colocasia and black pepper (কচুথুৰৰ লগত বনোৱা মাছৰ জালুকীয়া) • Fish in curry leaves gravy (নৰসিংহ পাতৰ ৰসৰ লগত মাছ) • Fish curry with raw banana, skunk

Momos Chutney Recipe

Momos chutney is a red hot chutney made with ripe tomatoes, dry red chilies and garlic is a must dip to serve with momos. Momos are steamed dumplings made from wheat or all purpose flour stuffed with pork, chicken or vegetable. Today I made some steamed momos and chutney.  Here is the recipe of chutney.  Momos Chutney Recipe  📎 Course :  Chutney/Dip 📎Cuisine :  Indo Chinese  🔪Preparation Time :  5 minutes   ♨Cooking Time :  5   minutes 🕞Total :  10 minutes INGREDIENTS: 2 big tomatoes  2 dry red chilies  5-6 garlic cloves  1 small piece of ginger  pinch of sugar Salt to taste 1 tsp of vinegar   1 tsp cooking oil  METHOD: In a large pan boil 2 cups of water. Add tomatoes and dry red chillies.  Boil for 5 minutes or until the tomatoes become tender.  Remove from heat and let it become cool.  Once it is cooled down, remove the skin of the tomatoes and cut into pieces.  In a pan heat 1 tsp oil. Add garlic cloves, ginger and tomato pieces. Fry till

Cooking YouTube Channels from Assam you should follow :Part 3

On early days people loved to watch cooking shows on television as a mean of entertainment or just to learn recipes. But now is the era of netizens and everyone has smart phones. Youtube is a free video sharing service where one can reach unlimited viewers for his videos all over the world. After the launch of youtube many including professional chefs to amateur cook, has started sharing their cooking videos. And it become very helpful for ordinary people to learn recipes from their favorite chef or youtuber. Continuing my post on cooking youtube channels from Assam you should follow, today's post is about a popular cooking youtube channel Taru Phukan.  Taru Phukan is a youtube channel where you can learn some amazing recipes including some indigenous Assamese recipes. The channel is hosted by Taru Phukan. Based on a small town called Dibrugarh in the state of  Assam, Taru Phukan formerly was a lecturer in a junior college. She also worked in all India radio and also writes

10 Food Safety Tips To Follow During Covid 19

It is unlikely that Covid 19 can be spread from food. But maintaining good food hygiene can reduce the transmission of Covid 19. As Covid 19 spread from man to man contact, therefore we should follow few safety rules to keep ourselves safe from this disease. 10 Food Safety Tips  To Follow  During Covid 19  Before preparing food at home it is very important to wash your hands with soap and clean water for at least 20 second.  Before eating food wash your hands with clean water and soap for at least 20 second. If you are in a place where water is not available, use a hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol.  Try not to share food with anyone specially while being in public as virus spreads from person to person through close contact.  When ordering food from food delivery services, maintain a distance of 6 feet  Wash utensils, knife, cutting board and other kitchen surfaces well after every use with hot soapy water.  Don't forget to check the refrigerator also

Stuffed Tomatoes

Stuffed tomatoes are tomatoes stuffed with spicy potato stuffing. The recipe is very simple. Make sure to use ripe and firm tomatoes of same size. Stuffed Tomatoes  📎 Course :  Snack 📎Cuisine :  Indian  🔪Preparation Time :  15 minutes ♨Cooking Time :  15 minutes 🕞Total :  30 minutes INGREDIENTS: 2 big red tomatoes  For stuffing : 1 big potato  1 onion finely chopped 1/2 tsp cumin powder  1/2 tsp coriander powder  1/2 tsp red chilli powder 1/2 tbsp  mustard sauce 2 finely chopped green chillies  1/4 cup chopped coriander leaves  1 piece of cheese cube  Salt to taste METHOD: Boil potato.  Peel off the skin and mash it completely.   Add finely chopped onion, cumin powder, coriander powder, salt and red chilli powder, chopped green chillies and chopped coriander leaves  Mix everything well.  Add mustard sauce and mix well.  Now grate the cheese and mix well.  Now wash the tomatoes.  Cut a thin slice fr

7 Social Media Platforms for Food Bloggers to Share their Blog Posts and YouTube Videos.

If you are a food blogger or food youtuber, you probably know that to get viewers and traffic you have to share your blog posts and youtube videos in social media so that people get to know about your posts and videos. There are many social media platforms that you can share your posts. Through this post I'm going to share 7 such social media platforms for food bloggers to share their contents and to get traffic. 1. Facebook : Facebook is the most popular social media platform. To use facebook you must be a registered user of facebook. A registered user of facebook can upload pictures and videos and can share other information. Through facebook one can connect with friends and family members.  You can share links and information regarding your food blog and youtube channel through facebook. 2. Pinterest : Pinterest is a very popular social media platform among food bloggers. Pinterest is an image sharing social media platform where food bloggers and youtubers can prom

Mint Chutney / Pudina Chutney

Pudina chutney is a very easy chutney recipe.  During summer,  mint chutney made with raw mango is a delicious condiment that can be served not only with rice platter but also with samosas, pakoras etc.  Mint Chutney / Pudina Chutney   📎 Course :  Side dish/Dip 📎Cuisine :  Indian 🔪Preparation Time :  5 minutes INGREDIENTS: 1 bunch of mint leaves 2 green chillies  1 medium sized raw mango  pinch of sugar Salt to taste  water if required METHOD: Peel the raw mango and discard the seed. Now cut the flesh into cube sized pieces.  Wash mint leaves under running water.  In a small chutney making jar of a grinder or food processor take all the ingredients. Now grind it in a fine paste. Taste and adjust the salt or sugar according to your taste .

Kacha Aamor Tok / Raw Mango Chutney

Kacha aamor tok or raw mango chutney is a perfect side dish in summer.  As mango is the king of fruits and is available only during summer, you can take the advantage of it and made delicious mango recipes during this season. In my place mangoes are not ripe yet.  Raw mango has a sour taste and I like to eat it by grating and mixing salt and chilli. I made this simple mango chutney yesterday and today I'm going to share it's simple recipe with you. This raw mango chutney is sweet and sour and can be served as a side dish with rice or roti at lunch or dinner. Kacha Aamor Tok / Raw Mango Chutney  📎 Course :  side dish  📎Cuisine :  Indian 🔪Preparation Time :  5 minutes ♨Cooking Time : 25   minutes 🕞Total :  30 minutes 🍴Servings :  3-4 INGREDIENTS:  4 raw mangoes   1/2 cup jaggery  1 cup suger 1/2 tsp turmeric powder   1/2 tsp cumin powder   1 tsp red chilli powder 1/2 tsp mustard seeds   2-3 bay leaves   2 dry red chilies  2 cups of wat

Easy Carrot Cake Recipe

  A carrot cake is a cake that contains carrots.  The recipe of carrot cake is not a new one.  The origin of carrot cake is a disputed one. It may be England, French or Switzerland that claim its origins.  The carrot cake were made for childrens specially for birthdays. Modern carrot cakes are single layer or double layered cakes with white cream frosting decorations. Today I made a single layer simple carrot cake with simple ingredients. It's a very easy cake recipe and good for beginners who wants to know how to bake a cake. Easy Carrot Cake Recipe  📎 Course :  Dessert  📎Cuisine :  Continental  🔪Preparation Time :  15 minutes ♨Cooking Time :  35 minutes 🕞Total :  50 minutes INGREDIENTS: 1 1/2 cup all purpose flour (maida) 2 eggs 1/2 cup powdered sugar  1/2 tsp salt  1/2 cup unsalted butter or vegetable oil  1 cup grated carrots  1/2 cup round slices of carrot  1 tbsp baking powder  2 tbsp tutti frutti  METHOD: In a large bowl beat eggs.

Letz Go Baby Pizza Base Review

Baby pizza base from Letz Go Letz Go  is a bakery shop, cake shop, sweet shop cum fine dine restaurant. Situated at H. S. road, Dibrugarh, Letz Go is a very popular bakery shop in Dibrugarh. It's bakery items are very delicious and the price is also little higher than the other bakery shops in Dibrugarh. I generally make pizza base myself at home. Homemade pizza base are the best and my kids like it very much as these comes out very tender crisp with perfect thickness My homemade pizza bases  Letz Go Baby Pizza Base Review  Product name: Baby Pizza Base Brand: Letz Go Quantity: 10 piece  Cost: Rs. 100/- Date of manufacture :13-05-2020 I brought a packet of  Baby pizza base  on 13/05/2020 and I used those today 15/05/2020. Here is my review : It's very easy to use and it saves time as it requires time to make pizza base at home.  Size is very good.  Price is good. Per piece cost 10 rupees.  Not tender crisp like homemade base. Very dry.  Th

Cooking YouTube Channels from Assam you should follow :Part 2

Male chefs are dominating the restaurant sectors. Similarly there are many male youtubers who shares recipe videos on Youtube. Through this post I am going to introduce 4 such upcoming youtubers from Assam who like to share food related videos on their Youtube channels. [ Cooking YouTube channels from Assam you should follow : Part 1 ] Cooking YouTube Channels from Assam you should follow: Part 2 Food Club Food club run by Dipankar Das. Based in Guwahati, Assam, Dipankar is a graphic designer by profession. Dipankar is fond of cooking and photography since his childhood. As he has a great passion for cooking, he started his Youtube channel Food club. His Youtube channel consists videos on different recipes including some recipes of Assamese cuisine. As he also has a passion for food photography, he regularly shares his passion for photography by posting his food pics in his instagram account. Do follow his  instagram account and subscribe to his Youtube channel. Wi

Lockdown Food Trends On Social Media

India has been on a complete lockdown since March 24 due to pandemic Covid 19. As people are refraining from going out to eat their favorite food in their favour restaurants,  they are trying different food trends at home and posting it on instagram and facebook. Among different food trends I have selected 6 best trends that people are trying to make at home. Dalgona Coffee  The word 'dalgona' is a Korean word which means 'honeycomb toffee'. Dalgona coffee is the most popular food trend in social media that people are following during the pandemic Covid19 lockdown period. It's a coffee recipe made by whipping equal amount of instant coffee powder, sugar and hot water until become creamy and then it is added to the hot or cold milk on its top.  Dalgona coffee doesnot contain dalgona but as it has a dalgona flavour and so the name dalgona coffee is. Dalgona coffee originally know as whipped coffee or beaten coffee. The drink itself has origins from In