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Assamese Maah-Prasad

Assamese  "Maah-Prasad" is the traditional offerings to GOD during any ritual function. In Indian culture there are different traditions of offering Prasad in religious ceremonies. Prasads may be in form of Sweets, fruits or some cooked foods like khichiri. After offering it to the God or Deity, the Prasad is distributed among the devotees. In Assamese culture Maah-Prasad is served as a Prasad.


Assamese Maah-Prasad is a combination of Some fruits, green gram and chickpea. 

Ingredients of Maah-Prasad:

• green gram
• black chickpea
• coconut
• ginger
• sugarcane
• chenikol (a type of banana small in size)
• little rice
• salt
Above are the important ingredients of Maah-Prasad.  Along with these ingredients some other fruits are also served like apple, cucumber etc.

Maah-Prasad is served in banana leaves . Only two-three varieties (chenille, vimkol )of banana plant's leaves are used in this rituals.


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