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Where to go for a plate of best Panipuri in Dibrugarh

Panipuri or Phusca is a famous  street food  found in several regions of the Indian subcontinent. It consists of a round hollow crispy  puri filled with mashed potatoes, onions  and chickpeas with lots of spices served together with a bowl of mint flavoured tamarind water.

In Dibrugarh, you can find many street food hawkers selling panipuri in every corner of the town, specially in front of schools, collages and cinema hall. But these street foods  are not safe to eat and the quality of the panipuri are not good.

For some street foods safety tips Click here

So where to go for a plate of best Panipuri in Dibrugarh? 

MB's Sweets and Snacks 

Babulal Poddar path,
Jalukpara, Dibrugarh,

MB's is a good place to enjoy evening snacks. They have a variety of chat items.  Their panipuri is very good. I enjoyed their Panipuri many times and I liked it . They
Served 8 panipuris per plate filled with spicy mashed potatoes and chickpeas together with a tasty bowl of mint flavoured tamarind water.

Timings: 7am-10pm
Phone: 09401488833


  1. That looks delicious! I'll have to try to find some near me.


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