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Lemon Basil

Lemon basil plant looks little similar to Holy basil plant. Lemon basil has small green leaves, green stem and white flowers. But the leaves of lemon basil are thinner and delicate compared to Holy basil. This basil has a real citrus like smell and taste. Lemon basil primarily found in northeastern Africa and southern Asia. This basil is mostly used in Indonesian, Malaysian and Thai cuisines.

Lemon basil is not a common cooking ingredient of Assamese cuisine . Only a few Tai community of Assam  use this herb in their cuisines . The Tai Khamyang community of Assam called this basil "Ling paat" (লিং পাত). The Tai Khamyang people use this basil in currys but it taste better with mashed grilled fish (পূৰা মাছৰ পিটিকা) and mashed grilled chillis (পূৰা জলকীয়া পিটিকা). Mashed grilled chillis is a speciality of Tai Khamyang community which they serve with every lunch or dinner. ( I'll share this recipe later). As this basil has a fresh lemon flavor, it emits a strong lemony taste in your mouth.

Lemon basil is very delicate. You cannot preserve it for longer periods . It turns black. So keep it in plastic bags in your refrigerator. It is better to use fresh lemon basil leaves in cooking at the end of the cooking to get a better aroma. 


  1. I would love to grow a lemon basil plant.

    1. Yes you can grow it from its seeds. It's seeds are similar to Holy basil.


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