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Save Water at Home

Save water 

Air, water, food and shelter are the four basic needs of a human being to survive.  Water plays an important role in human lives.  There is no shortage of water on earth.  Most of our planet is covered by water , but a very little of that water is available for humans to drink.

About 70% of the Earth's surface is covered by water but all these water are not safe for drinking purposes . Fresh and clean water is a limited resource. Only 2.5% of that total 70% water is fresh but only 1% of the total water resources on Earth are available for human use.

There are about 7.6 billion human beings living on Earth . Every human being need gallons of water everyday for their different uses like bathing,  washing clothes,  cooking etc. Above all a human body needs half a gallon of water everyday which equals to 2 liters of water. Which means 15.2 billion litters of pure and clean drinking water are required everyday on Earth to fulfill the thrust of 7.6 billion people.

The little amount of fresh water available on Earth is more than enough to fulfil the thrust of the entire population of the World.  But in the near future it will be difficult to get fresh water because of the big population explosion.

There are many places on Earth where we can get fresh water and can eat  directly from the tap.  But there are also some places where water contains many harmful chemicals and is not fit to drink.

Luckily in my hometown Dibrugarh we can get fresh water and some people  eat directly from the tap. But if we move just 140 KM from here to Jorhat,  the water condition is not so good. I remember once my cousin from Jorhat  asked me to visit her place  but she asked to bring my own water bottle as she may not be able to provide pure drinking water for  guests.

So fresh water is not equally distributed on Earth.  Some places on earth remain flooded whole year and some suffers from drought. In both the situation pure drinking water is a crisis . So either the glass of water is free or paid we need to save the wastage.

Nine ways we can save water at home:

May 22 is celebrated as the World Water Day  In this day let us take the following resolutions to save wastage of water at home.

💧 Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.

💧 Turn off the tap while rubbing your hands with soap while washing your hands.

💧 Turn off the tap while cleaning your face with face wash while washing your face.

💧 Turn off the tap while rubbing and cleaning the utensils with dish washer while washing utensils.

💧 Re-use the water used for washing vegetable.  Use it for watering your plants in the garden.

💧 Take a shorter shower.

💧 Re-use the water used for boiling potatoes, vegetables, pastas etc.  Once the water cools use it for watering your plants in the garden or use it for flashing the toilet.

💧 While washing clothes don't wash one by one.  Collect all the dirty clothes together and wash together.

💧 When it rains, collect the rain water in buckets . Use it to clean or wiping  your house's floor or for flushing the toilet.

How to purify water at home:

 ¤ At home boiling water is the safest and the easiest method of purification.  Boiling kills bacteria, germs and viruses. So boil water before drinking .

¤ Use water filter. There are many water purifiers available in the market.

Reverse Osmosis (RO)  is a water purifying process that removes contaminates from water by using pressure to force water molecules through a semi permeable membrane.

Ultra violet (UV) water purification is a method for disinfecting bacteria from water through ultraviolet rays. Ultra violet rays penetrate harmful  pathogens in water and destroy harmful bacteria by attacking their genetic core.

We often leave the dinner table or a restaurant leaving behind half empty glasses of water. That water is usually dumped  in the kitchen sink. As it was clean drinking water so  it's a waste of clean water. Following are some tips by which we  can reuse that leftover water:

💧 we can use that leftover water for watering the plants .
💧 we can collect that leftover water and use it for flushing the toilet.
💧 we can use that water for cleaning and wiping  the floor .
💧 we can keep that water by covering the glass with a plate to drink later.
💧 we can use that leftover water to fill our pet's water bowl.