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Mustard greens stir fry with dry bamboo shoots

Lai Xaak or Mustard greens is a green leafy vegetable. Mustard greens contain a lots of vitamins and minerals and as such very healthy and very tasty too. I love this green leafy vegetable very much . This vegetable has a wide use in Assamese cuisine.  From making salad, chutney and many veg recipes , a very tasty fish curry recipe can also be made.

Mustard greens stir fry with dry bamboo shoot is a very simple recipe,  made without spices. Assamese recipes are less spicy recipes but much more healthy. Sometimes adding powdered spices spoiled the real taste of the vegetables.  So do try this simple recipe for healthy living.


• 1 bunch of mustard greens

• 1/2 tbsp ginger-garlic paste

• 1 onion chopped

• 1 potato

• 1/2 tbsp turmeric powder

• 2-3 green chillies chopped

• 2 tbsp dry bamboo shoot

• 2 tbsp mustard oil
• Salt to taste


Wash mustard greens thoroughly and chopped into small pieces.

Peel potato.  Wash under running water and cut into small pieces.

Soak dry bamboo shoots in warm water for 10 minutes.  Drain and keep aside.

In a pan heat mustard oil. Add chopped onions and ginger garlic paste. Stir and add turmeric powder.

Add potato pieces.

Fry for some time because  potatoes need more time to cook than mustard greens.

Add chopped  mustard greens and green chillies.

Stir and fry.

Add salt.

Cook for some times until mustard greens  and potato pieces cooked well,  by covering the lid.

Add dry bamboo shoots.

Mix well.

Remove from heat.

Serve hot with steamed rice.

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  1. Looks good and so healthy! Will definitely try it out, thanks!

  2. love how simple this recipe is! I usually do a stir fry very similar to this one! I just never tried it with the bamboo, but for sure will try!

  3. This sounds so delicious! I love greens and I am always looking for different ways to cook them. Thank you for sharing your recipes!


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