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20 Delicious Assamese fish recipes

Assam's love for fish is legendary.  The mighty river Brahmputra and it's sub-rivers are wonderful sources of some good river fish. Assamese fish recipes are the most delicious and unique of its kind.

There are many souring agents which are used to make the fish curries sour.  Such as elephant apple,  bamboo shoot,  lemon, polygonum microcephalum, roselle etc. These are used to make sour fish curries in Assamese cuisine since time immemorial.  Again different medicinal plants are also used in making Assamese fish curries which makes them very unique.

Here I am going to share 20 simple and delicious Assamese fish curry recipes . These recipes are less or without spices and cooked with fresh fishes. Cooking methods are also very simple. Hence these recipes are very healthy.