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8 simple and easy Indo-Chinese recipes

Indo-Chinese recipes are becoming very popular now a days. Everyone likes to order Indo-Chinese at hotels.  But we can make Indo-Chinese at home in a simple and homly manner so that kids can also enjoy eating Indo-Chinese.  Here are 8 different Indo-Chinese recipes cooked in a very simple way.  It's very easy to cook. So let's learn it.

Chilli paneer

Chilli paneer is the veg version of chilli chicken recipe.  Paneer or cottage cheese or Indian cheese is used in this recipe.  It's a very tasty recipe and can be served as a starter or side dish with roti or nun. For recipe .......
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 Chilli chicken and Fried rice

Chilli chicken and Fried rice are my all time favorite Indo- Chinese recipes.  Chilli chicken and fried rice is a good combination of Indo-Chinese recipes.  So I am posting these two recipes in one post. Both are very easy to cook as I described it in a very simple manner ......
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              Chilli fish

Chilli fish is again a very simple yet tasty Indo- Chinese recipe.  It's a very popular recipe and very yummy for fish lovers. I cook it in a very simple way. So let's check it out.....
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Fish manchurian

Fish manchurian is again a good recipe for fish lovers.  It's taste is very yummy and juicy.  Fish pieces are marinated and cooked in Indo-Chinese style. Serve it with fried rice. For the recipe. ...
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        Chicken manchurian

Chicken manchurian is again a tasty Indo -Chinese recipe that can be served with fried rice. Very tasty very yummy.  Chicken is marinated and then cooked in Chinese sauces. Very simple to cook. For the recipe. ....
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                 Chilli pork

Chilli pork is one of my favorite Indo-Chinese recipe.  Its taste is unique. For the recipe.... click here
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            Chilli soya chunk

Chilli soya chunk is again the veg version of chilli chicken.  It's a good Indo-Chinese recipe for veg lovers.  In India there are many people who are pure veg. So this recipe is for those vegetarian people.  Click here for the recipe
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