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Fish curry with sessile joyweed (maati kaduri)

Maati kaduri  xaak is again a green leafy vegetable found in Assam . The English name of maati kaduri is Sessile joyweed . Fish curry with maati kaduri is very tasty and I personally like this recipe very much. Below is the recipe-

1 bunch of sessile joyweed or maati kaduri xaak,

1 potato boiled,

1 tomato chopped,

1/2 tbsp turmeric,

1/3 tbsp fenugreek seeds,

2 tbsp oil,

1/2 tbsp black peeper powder


 salt to taste.

For fish-
Use any fish- 4 pieces
Salt,  turmeric and oil required to fry fish prices.


Wash maati kaduri xaak and then boil them. Drain and in a grinder make a fine paste. Keep aside.

Peel the boiled potato and mashed it. Keep aside.

Wash fish pieces under running water and rub with salt and turmeric.

 In a pan heat oil.  Fry fish pieces.  Drain and keep aside.

  In the remaining oil.  Add fenugreek seeds. When crackling, add turmeric.  Add mashed potatoes. Stir and mix.

 Now add chopped tomatoes. Stir and mix and saute for a minute.  Add salt. Add 2 …

Fish curry with lasia spinosa (chengmora)

Chengmora xaak is yet another green leafy vegetable found in Assam. Its english name is Lasia spinosa. Its taste is little bitter and it's little itchy. But after adding tomatoes or any other souring agent its bitterness and itchyness will disappear. Fish curry with lasia spinosa (chengmora)  is a very tasty fish curry recipe.  Chengmora is not widely available and only during summer it is found. So once or twice a year only we got the chance to eat this tasty vegetable. Last sunday I brought a bunch of chengmora xaak from the market and made this lovely fish curry. Any kind of fish can be used in making this curry, either big or small fish or raw or dry fish. Here I am using big fish pieces. As Assamese cuisine is less spicy cuisine, this fish recipe is a spiceless fish curry and very healthy too. Here is the recipe-

Fish curry with lasia spinosa (chengmora) ­čôÄCourse : Main course
­čôÄCuisine : Indian(Assamese) ­čö¬Preparation Time : 10 minutes ♨Cooking Time : 30 minutes ­čĽ×Total : 40 mi…

Beetroot rice/ Beetroot pulao

There are many pulao recipes of rice such as veg pulao, peas pulao, jeera rice, chicken pulao etc.  Beetroot rice or beetroot pulao is a very sweet and tasty rice recipe that I like to cook and eat. It's very easy to prepare and I love the colour of the dish too. Beetroot rice can be Served with raita , salad and some vegetable or meat recipe. 
Beetroot rice/ Beetroot pulao

1 cup basmati rice or joha rice,1 big sized beetroot finely chopped,1 big onion finely chopped,1/2 tbsp ginger garlic paste,2-3 green cardamom,2-3 clove,1 inch cinnamon,1 bay leave,1/4 cup cashew nuts and raisins,1 tbsp garam masala powder,3/4 tbsp salt,3 tbsp suger,2 tbsp vegetable oil and1 tbsp butter.


Rinse rice and soak it for 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes drain and keep rice aside.( I am using pressure cooker for preparing this recipe.  But this recipe can be prepared without pressure cooker also. You can use a large pan instead of pressure cooker for the purpose.)In a pressure cooker heat …

Mutton soup

This is my first post on soup recipe. Mutton soup is a very healthy soup and very easy to prepare. Mutton soup is good in winter season to beat the cool but it can also be served during rainy season.

Mutton soup­čö¬Preparation Time : 5 minutes ♨Cooking Time : 25 minutes ­čĽ×Total : 30 minutes  ­čŹ┤Servings : 2

200 gms mutton with bone,1 tbsp ginger garlic paste,1/3 tbsp turmeric powder,1/3 tbsp cumin powder,1 tbsp cornflour,1 tbsp mustard oil or any  other edible oil, 1/4 tbsp cumin seeds,1/2 tbsp black peeper powder,Salt to taste andCoriander leaves chopped for garnishing.
Wash mutton pieces under running water several times.  In a ptessure cooker take the mutton pieces. Add 4 cups of water. Add turmeric and cumin powder together with ginger garlic paste. Add salt and close the cooker. On high heat cook the mutton for 5-6 whistles or as much as whistle to soften the mutton.Remove from heat. Let the cooker open itself.Now, in a pan heat oil. Add cumin seeds. When crackling po…